Refund on a regret purchase

There are laws around “regret purchases”, in case you buy something online and regret within x days (ive found sources that say 2 weeks), allowing you to get a refund even if the merchant doesnt have a refund in their policy for that product or service

how does curve act in that case ? Does curve act fast and process and refund or is there more bureaucracy involved ?

i dont want to wait for the merchants reply and go back and forth

It is different for each country and not all products or services are elegible for ”regret purchases” as you call it.

You would in any case have to contact the merchant first. If they deny it, you could potentially challenge it via Curve but there are no guarantees.


Indeed - this is the version in the UK - I’ve not known the merchant to refuse under these, but if they did then I would imagine a chargeback against the merchant should be possible if you’ve returned the items and they’ve not issued a refund.

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