Refund on closed credit card

I used my curve card to buy items a while ago. At the time the curve card was linked to a credit card for the payments.

Fast forward to now. I got an email from curve that I am getting a refund and they will put the refund in that same credit card.

Problem is , is that I no longer have that credit card. I closed it down.

Can curve just put the refund in my curve cash?

I have emailed support ( no reply yet) but just wanted to ask , if any one had experienced a similar situation and what was the solution they had?

Hey there,

Please get in contact with the bank who issued your card before you closed it. They might be able to transfer your refund to your new bank account.

If the issuing bank is not accepting the refund it goes back to curve then curve can refund it probably to another card or to your curve cash wallet.