Refund, processed as payment on underlying card

Hi there,
I’ve now noticed two refunds from Amazon, but they’re appearing on my bank as charges. Not sure if this is a bug with curve or my bank, but the bank are sure it’s a charge. Curve, of course, haven’t replied to me.

Any ideas?


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Hey there,

this doesn’t seem right.
If you haven’t received a response from Curve within 3-7 days try to reply with “Urgent” to your ticket.

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Which bank is that?
Some banks process refunds in a strange way.

For example I have a bank which does it this way when I do a GbIT (which is similar to a refund):
Real charge (pending).
I move the transaction to a new card and the refund is processed as a new charge on the old card (pending).
After some days the refund appears as a new line and the second “charge” is settled.
After many days, the first charge, the real one, stops being pending and just disappears, so my balance finally is aligned.

So in the end everything gets fixed automatically, but the refund is seen as a charge and it’s even the one getting settled. But I think it’s just a problem of some banks.


I’ve had a refund from Amazon which went to Curve Cash for some strange reason, no refund to my actual card. I used Revolut to transfer the money out.

Chase. Other refunds seem to come through ok including one from Amazon. It’s just these two transactions that are a bit funny. Spoke to the bank yesterday and they’re adamant that it’s a charge :frowning:

When was the original purchase done and when were refunds issued? If within 2 working days of purchase the initial charge may have to first clear then you see the refund appear “normal”

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This happens to me… It’s very confusing!

I always check the underlying cart movements. If it’s ok, i ignore curve movements for this matter.

I have the same problem and it is showing as pending

Any updates? Was it automatically fixed?