Refund Project

I am writing on here to share my frustration with the new refund process. It has been decided on my behalf without being given a choice, that all my refunds shall enter my curve cash account!

Firstly, I don’t want that, secondly, you should not be able to decide for me where my money goes. If I pay using a particular card, I want the money back on the card I used.

You have released this feature half arsed because the ability to move it to another card is not available till the end of the month. Mean while, large purchases I paid on credit card are now getting interest because refunds are stuck in my curve cash!! I doubt you will be paying that for me…

This combined with the curve card being useless for a few days with the underlying card handler debacle is enough to make me leave curve metal.

I have reached out in the app with no response. I desire someone to take this option off my account so my refunds return to normal please. If this isn’t resolved I am going to leave and just stick with Barclays.

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Situation with refunds onto Curve Cash card would cause even more confusion with cards in different currency than GBP linked to Curve app. GBP is default currency for Curve Cash and I do not believe anyone would like to see refund of transaction made in EUR to Curve Cash in pounds.

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I agree, I just went to pay my balance off my credit card by linking my Curve card to Curve Cash… Oh! You can’t do that because Barclays say you can only use a UK debit card. Very helpful!

I definitely agree here. I don’t know how Curve’s user base looks like, but refunds in GPB is only useful for the UK customers. The fact that Curve Cash is GBP only regardless of user’s country or choice made it useless for me. I wasn’t bothered by that since I simply didn’t use it. That changes now if it’s forced on my. In fact, it goes against Curve’s USP.
What about GbiT? This was handled by refunding the first card and charging the second one. If GbiT will work by refunding to Curve Cash, then that’s also a disadvantage.

If cannot do what Wirecard used to offer, Curve should look for another partner instead of changing their offering.

I got my the very first refund to Curve Cash card and it is something I am not happy with.

Each Curve user should have an option to opt in or opt out from automatic refunds made into Curve cash card.

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Now I’m actually even more confused. GbiT is working again as it was before. And in practice, it is doing a refund to the original card. So I don’t see any difference between this and normal refunds!

I’ve had three refunds showing hitting the card I paid with, it then bounces to curve cash.

I’ve written to curve to resolve this and move my money.

Surely something here goes against a banking code or policy. I was always told you have to refund things to the orginal card you paid with to prevent fraud etc. I guess it is going back on the curve card, but to a different account.

I’m not happy Curve decided to make this decision for me, so I’m making one for them. I’m leaving after this, never had a single issue with the high street.

I too am a victim of this policy, which I find hard to believe isn’t against some banking code.

But I wouldn’t hold out much hope for a response from Curve, the service is just getting steadily more atrocious and from what I know of this forum, any dissent gets a warning or ban.

I looked in their small print, they are not protected or governed by the fscs etc, our money is not protected by them in anyway. Our money is held elsewhere for our safety, how comforting. Just one more refund for me then its offski.

Just like Wirecard’s ‘Protection’

This so the same for giants such as TransferWise and Revolut. Funds are held in a separate account so should Curve go under, you still get your funds.