Refund refused even with proof

This is long winded but i really need help here and i hope some of you might understand and see the issue thats happened with me but curve are refusing to give me the money.

Here is an image of the original transaction from the 6th July for £105.95. Images taken from the curve timeline.

Here is an image of what they claim was the refunded transaction. I have no idea why the curve currency is 900 and the gbp is £114.95 since thats not what the transaction amount was. images taken from the curve timeline.

And here is a screenshot of my curve cash card showing a £9 charge. The difference between the original payment of £105.95 & the “So called” Refund of £114.95. Its very clear they did not refund me a penny instead charged me the difference of the two as a refund will always have +£### or +CPT.

They tried to claim it as a visual bug and that the refund was successfully applied to my curve cash but after calculating all my transaction, in and out, the refund was not added. If i calculate all my payments with the refund added i should have a balance of £114.95 in my account. As you can see i do not

Where as if i calculate all my payments without the refund but include the £9 charge my balance comes to £0… Funny that. Please see both Work outs bellow.

Incorrect £9 charge.

Correctly refunded ammount.

As a bank that has full control over multiple cards that you can include as a wallet this is absolutely poor. All the proof you throw at them as a customer and they still refuse me the money that is rightfully mine. I really need help here on what can do next.


I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do here as fellow users. If you haven’t had any success with Curve support then I suggest you lodge a formal complaint with them showing the statements from the underlying card too showing the amount of refund received - if that fails then you have the right to escalate your case to the Financial Ombudsman.

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But just from your point of view looking over this. can you please tell me you can see the issue ?

I can. My advice to you is to start a brand new ticket with curve and be as clear and objective as possible with what happened and your desired resolution.

Good luck!

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As diplomatic a solution as that is, that doesn’t absolve Curve from working to solve this to make such processes seamless, and to keep them accountable