Refund sent to a wrong card


I’d like to share my story, hoping to get help I didn’t receive on the support chat (or if I don’t, let it be a warning to others).

The story started when I returned an item purchased online. The refund was issued to my Curve card, and Curve sent it to a wrong card, i.e. not the one that was used for the purchase.

It’s not the first time Curve made such a mistake. But this time it turned out to be an actual problem because the card Curve forwarded the refund to had been closed a long time ago - I’m no longer a customer of that bank.

I reached out to Curve’s support chat. They told me there was nothing they could do as the refund had already gone out. They advised to contact the bank and gave me an ARN number to help the bank identify the refund. That’s quite understandable.

So I contacted the bank. The bank said that refunds sent to closed accounts would be returned to senders within 3 days.

I went back to Curve to explain what the bank had said, believing Curve would find the refund back on their account. Instead Curve told me they “have successfully processed the refund”, “there’s no further action they could take”, they “can only apologise” and to “let them know if there’s anything else they could help with”.

I asked them to check their account, but they never responded to that. The last communication was 7 days ago. The chat was opened over 2 weeks ago.

So Curve made a mistake, lost my money, yet they are refusing to take responsibility and they are not paying attention to what I write on the support chat (they never related to the information provided by the bank).

Honestly, if I don’t get my money back, it will mean Curve is not trustworthy and people’s money are not safe with Curve.

Hello @swiergot,

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Could you reach out the the social media team on twitter @AskCurve.
They are able to check your case and solve it or they will re-prioritize it.

Another thing you could do is to contact the old bank again with the current ARN and try to receive a new ARN this will make it easier to trace the return of the refund to Curve.