Refund still not received two weeks after promised

I have a refund of €314 from I live in the UK. Amazon refunded the money in the first week of October. I hadn’t received it by mid October and so raised a ticket with Curve who said that they actioned the refund on the 16th and to contact them again if I hadn’t received it within 5 working days. Well, five days passed and I hadn’t received it. I emailed but received no response. Last week I opened another ticket and again, no response. What is going on? Where is my money? Curve as a concept is great, but the customer experience has gone way off track recently.

Hey @martinegtk, the support team are receiving a lot of messages right now so they’re going to take a little longer to get back to you. If you’ve already raised a ticket / emailed them then there’s no need to send another one as it might delay the response even further.

You can also reach out to @AskCurve through Twitter DM and they can check the status of your ticket for you!

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