Refund taking ages

Hello I have been waiting now for nearly 15 business days for my refund and still not received it and my bank has not either I’ve messaged on the app about 10 times with no reply now

Have the same issue, been chasing the underlying bank and now realise it’s Curve and it seems to be a regular problem looking at other threads on the forum. They must have a suspense account where these refunds are being held and know that the transactions are pending yet they choose not to notify customers pro-actively. Very odd behaviour

Then i use go back in time
Refund only take a couple of days

It was curve them self’s that has refunded me to my bank but I can’t seem to get anyone on chat for over a week

Curve don’t offer live chat

You have to send them an email

Curve have send me this

You recently contacted us and we haven’t got back to you yet. We wanted to apologise for the delay and let you know that your query is still in our system and is being prioritised for review.

I really do need the refund ASAP could it not be put into my curve cash card please

Contact support (mail to or by DM on Facebook/Twitter).