Refund to not existing card


some time ago Swipe cancelled my Swipe card which was added to Curve.
I then completely removed the Swipe card from Curved as it was not usable anymore.
Last month I received a refund (originally paid with the Swipe card) and I was expecting Curve would refund the amount to the cash balance as the card was not existing anymore.
However Curve refunded to the not-existing Swipe card and I never received the amount.
I contacted Curve and asked to check and change that transaction to the Curve cash Balance but never got a reply on this issue.

Has anyone had a similar issue or an idea how to resolve this?


Hey there,

Please get in Contact with your underlaying card bank, they are in charge even when your card account is closed. (Wire transfer/replacement card can include fees).

Ask Curve Support for an ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) and then get in contact with the underlaying card bank.

Curve can send it to another card or Curve cash if your underlaying bank sends the funds back to Curve.

Even a deleted card wont stop existing. As long as the transaction exists in the card network everyone who is/was involved in this transaction can see it. :slight_smile:

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