Refund to old Curve Card

I used my old Curve Card to make a purchase a few months ago. The money is now being refunded (cancelled event). However, I now have a new Curve Card and so a new card number. The refunders say they will only refund to the card that was used to make the purchase i.e. a disused card, despite giving them my new number. They just say ‘contact your bank about the matter’.

Anyone else had this problem and would be interested to know how to fix it.


When you receive a refund on an old card, the refund is linked to your account. So no problem at all. It’s a frequent case :blush:


Many thanks!

Hey, @Joelabete is right, we should be able to locate your refund on your old card. Get in touch with out support team so they can look into this for you. However, be aware of the current situation with refunds: Wirecard: Refunds

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