Refunded transaction still visible on timeline section after many days

Hi, I have a problem with one of my transactions. I have paid just eat around 10€ on the 16th February, and they cancelled my order in the same day, but I still see the payment in the timelines section after 8 days, even tho they have refunded me. Is it normal or not? I have an iPhone X, with iOS 13.3.1, app version 3.4.1 (5034)

It is normal for you to see the same transaction as +€10 in your timeline.

but the problem is that they had refunded me for that transaction and I don’t wanna see a payment that doesn’t exist anymore

That’s not entirely true. Most likely in your underlying card statement you will see a charge and a refund, so in my opinion it is a good thing to keep track of it in Curve as well. I would like to have a switch anyway to filter out refunded transactions, but also the possibility to see only refunded transaction, so the tracking is easier.