Refunded transactions process

This is a very VERY important thing that curve team should solve asap.
The minimum to be done is the app notification…!


Same boat here guys. I issued something back to Amazon on the agreement they’d refund me the money the same day to repurchase the correct item before I went away at the weekend (weird agreement in case you are reading this and frowning - “why didn’t they just issue you the correct item and wait for the other item” or “why didn’t you just buy the correct item anyway whilst waiting for the refund” - but that’s besides the point, it was the cost of the item I didn’t not have spare to pay out twice on. Anyway, I dropped the parcel back to Royal Mail, it gets scanned and an hour late let Amazon email confirming the refund has been processed and as agreed with them it’ll clear into my account in 2 hours. 6 hours goes by and a notification appears from Curve to state a refund, but the money wasn’t within my account? It wasn’t until 24 hours later that it appeared? So if someone agrees to a fast payment refund, it’s fast in their eyes, but truly it’s a standard time that Curve than place back into my account…

It’ll also be helpful to have the refunds highlighted within the app, as mentioned above. Clearer to see.

Yeah I have disconnected my Curve card now from all online shopping stores I use, too much hassle ob refunds, not fast enough, it’s like I am waiting for it twice, once from Amazon to Curve and then again from Curve to my card, which would be fine if it was instant from Curve to my card but Curve hold it for like 24 hours.

The main reason though I am stopping using it is the refund problem, it just happened again twice last week for the final time now, 10 days or so later after Amazon refunded me, I am writing to them asking where my refund is, at which point they respond immeditately and process the refund, what’s going on, if you can process it instantly why has it not already been processed?

I feel like everytime i am refunded and they don’t know which card to refund it to, due to the refund amount being different from the original purchase amount, which happens when buying multiple products at once and then returning, for example, one of the products, they don’t know where the refund should go to, they cannot match up the purchase price with the refund price, and I simply don’t receive any refund until I ask them. I have tested this by waiting up to 2 weeks in case it was just a time thing which I would not mind so much, but when you are uncertain you will receive a refund unless you message them and you are processing numerous refunds from clothes shopping online, it’s just not worth it anymore.

hopefully they can fix it someday.

The way refunds are displayed in the app needs to be changed, especially partial refunds

Example current workflow

  1. Spend £10 on curve
  2. Retailer refunds £2.50
  3. Get a notification in Curve of £2.50 refund
  4. Open the curve app and the previous transaction that read “Retailer X £10.00” now reads “Retailer X, £7.50 REFUNDED”

This is super confusing…, once the app notification has been cleared there is know way of knowing how much or when it was refunded or what the original transaction amount is/was without looking at the underlying card. This is just not acceptable. It makes it very difficult to track the transactions on the underlying card as there is basically no record of the dates and amounts of refunded transactions in the curve app.

The simplest solution to this is just to create a separate transaction for the refund. This makes much more sense, as the refund IS actually a separate transaction that is credited back to the underlying card. This will also ensure that the number of transactions listed in the curve app matches the number of transactions seen on the underlying card which is currently not the case.



Can refunds be shown as separate transactions ? It is extremely difficult to keep track of whether refunds have been processed by Curve and I have now had to chase Curve on 3 separate occasions to get refunds processed on my account.
Refunds are processed by the retailers as separate transactions so I don’t see any reason why Curve can’t do the same within the app and it would make tracking of refunds so much easier rather than Curve amending the original transaction amount, especially when they appear on actual card statements separately too.


I think the situation with refunds is a little bit messy still :frowning: I love Curve and hope will get better. I am confident they will deliver on this matter :slight_smile:


Yes, it needs to be improved a lot. And still a way to filter/search for refunds should be included. It’s very difficult to track them as the operations in the receipt you get from the merchant, the transactions in the underlying cad and the Curve track are completely different.

Many curve users are worried about tracking the full refund process to our cards.
I suggest build a special section to check all operations in a single screen.

The faster refunds and the automation are great and its really good to see this, however it would be also good to see a push notification that I have a pending refund and to select a card.

At the moment I have to manually open the app to be greeted with a message to select the card that I want the refund to go on, whereas it would be great if I received a push reminder (or even an email)

I know that the refund process is being upgraded and improved, but it is still almost usable.

Look at this case:

I know how much I paid in GBP originally. I know how much I’ve paid in EUR after the refund. And given that the exchange rate impossible (1€ ~ £2.47 ???) …

  1. how much did I pay in EUR originally? No idea, I will need to go to the underlying card and guess what was the original amount.

  2. how much has been refunded in the original currency? No idea, and I don’t know how to find it out. Maybe I will need to ask the merchant … and believe them :wink:

  3. how much has been refunded in EUR? No idea, I will need to look for the value found in #1 and then subtract the new value, or look for it in my underlying card statement, but …

  4. when was it refunded? No idea. i will need to look for an estimated amount (remember #3, I don’t know how much has been refunded!) in the underlying card statement.

Long story short, this information is pointless. We need proper tracking of the refunds.



Hello @JesusM,

Good questions! Thank you for taking the time to write them. Your feedback has been brought forward to the team working on refunds :smiley:

What about a dashboard for refund

And give the option to send the refund to whatever card i like

Show suggestion to which card and payment the refund belong to

Accept it or choice another card

That will remove any refund go to the wrong card

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Give some option for refund

They could give us the notification in the app then they receive a refund
And give us the choice to pick a card

We just received 15 bucks from Amazon, which card should be used?

Should be easy enough
Or set a default refund card, and add category etc

That is a brilliant idea. Would be really a good useful function :heart_eyes: problem is that I guess they have their hands full with a lot of other stuff at the moment :frowning:

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I would love that too! That would be a very useful feature.

I also would like to see the status of pending refunds etc, as don’t think it’s that easy to filter via app.

I doubt choosing a different card for a refund to go back to will be an option due to money-laundering laws.

Already in place
If you get a refund from a store
Curve need to ask you which card to use

Or if they cant find the payment

This is not happening for me - the original transaction just gets refunded (have had this happen over the last month with Amazon and online supermarket delivery)

IME they would only ask you if there wasn’t a clear transaction that the refund applied to (mainly for partial refunds occurring quite a while after the original transaction), otherwise it just automatically goes back on the original card. I can’t see them wanting to voluntarily put it back on a different card as I would have thought they’d miss out on the interchange fee refund if doing so.