Refunded transactions process

What about a dashboard for refund

And give the option to send the refund to whatever card i like

Show suggestion to which card and payment the refund belong to

Accept it or choice another card

That will remove any refund go to the wrong card

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Give some option for refund

They could give us the notification in the app then they receive a refund
And give us the choice to pick a card

We just received 15 bucks from Amazon, which card should be used?

Should be easy enough
Or set a default refund card, and add category etc

That is a brilliant idea. Would be really a good useful function :heart_eyes: problem is that I guess they have their hands full with a lot of other stuff at the moment :frowning:

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I would love that too! That would be a very useful feature.

I also would like to see the status of pending refunds etc, as don’t think it’s that easy to filter via app.

I doubt choosing a different card for a refund to go back to will be an option due to money-laundering laws.

Already in place
If you get a refund from a store
Curve need to ask you which card to use

Or if they cant find the payment

This is not happening for me - the original transaction just gets refunded (have had this happen over the last month with Amazon and online supermarket delivery)

IME they would only ask you if there wasn’t a clear transaction that the refund applied to (mainly for partial refunds occurring quite a while after the original transaction), otherwise it just automatically goes back on the original card. I can’t see them wanting to voluntarily put it back on a different card as I would have thought they’d miss out on the interchange fee refund if doing so.

As Curve is mainly used to make card grouping easier and normally would have a much higher amount of spending on it than other cards, the feed can easily get cluttered by refunded or unclaimed transactions, especially with merchants like Amazon and Uber and their £1 “active card checks”

It would be great if Curve could allow us to toggle refunded (or reversed) transactions so they wouldn’t show in the feed.

I’m sure there are other uses for this feature, like if hiding is implemented normal transactions could also be hidden, allowing users to perhaps hide a transaction when wanting to be discreet with their purchases (such as engagement rings or other gifts)


I’m actually more for seeing these transactions. If something is refunded or returned, it replaces it with a 0 on the app. I’d rather it state refunded and maybe pop to the top. For instance if I purchased something a few weeks ago and returned it, I cannot ascertain the status of the refund without having to scroll down for ages to find that transaction. Maybe as the refund was newer it should be brought to the top / to the date of the refund.


Hi all,

Sorry to revive a thread that was quite old however I purchased something roughly 10 days ago from amazon via my curve metal (1%) which is now being refunded.

What’s the process on this and how long will this take? I believe it is my first refund I’ve had to claim for on my card so not too sure yet what will happen.

Thanks in advance!

Like a chargeback?

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No chargeback, just items that havent arrived and so putting a refund request through! :ok_hand:t2:

Okay an update, the refund is now showing in my curve app and on the corresponding card but not in my account as of yet.

Anyone know how long it takes?

Depends on your bank. Usually between 1-7 days.

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Perfect, thank you :ok_hand:t2:

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