Refunding back to original card - more poor service

I use curve because I have many cards, one of which is a company card (from my employer). I spent £1800 on it and then the reversal/refund has gone to my cash balance within Curve instead of back on the original card.

My employer is asking for the money back and I can’t get it back to them.

Despite many emails I get yet again no replies whatsoever from Curve about this.

Hey @thomasr79, sorry to hear of your situation! I’m assuming this is urgent for you so I’d recommend that you give our support team a call about it - 0203 322 2585.

They’re receiving a lot of messages at the moment so will probably take a little longer to get back to you but our phone line is for emergencies so you should get a response a bit quicker. Let me know how you get on with that!

Hi Thomas

I had something similar a while ago. I had someone send me cash, thinking it was usable on the curve points just like cash. So, I intended to withdraw some and spend or send the rest.

I couldn’t send it.

I could spend it.

But I couldn’t withdraw it.

Seems crazy to me. I can understand they may not want to incur atm fees etc but in that case, why not allow me to send cash from there to another card, where I could have withdrawn it?

In the end, they did a one off transfer for me. Which was great. But was way back, before service levels got pretty crappy. Maybe they’ll do that for YOU if you get through?

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