Refunds and Spending Limit

Why don’t refunds adjust your spending limit ?

eg. Filled up with fuel at Costco, they put an initial £99 charge on my curve card, then refund to match the amount I actually spent. So the final transaction amount was £30 but my spending limit is reduced by £99.

Why is the spending limit not adjusted by the amount I actually spent ?

I’ve been using Curve for three weeks but I’m now close to my 5K monthly spending limit because I had a few large transactions refunded. My actual spend has been 3K but I’m now up against my 5K limit and will have to stop using curve for at least the next two/three weeks. Very frustrating…


Good question!

Refund should be counted too
To lower the limit

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It will be counted but it takes a few days to process.

Well, I got £1600 refunded 10 days ago and my spending limit has not changed to reflect this, or any of my previous refunds…


The Costco thing must be something to do with the Curve card. When I use my bank account debit card I get a 99p debit and then the core t amount.

Besides the point…, is anyone from Curve going to answer this one…, Why don’t refunds alter your spending limit ???

Don’t think anyone for Curve answers anything on this forum…

@Curve_Marie it can feel that way.

Good question. I’ll find out and will get back to you :smiley:

Once you’ve built up a spending history with your Curve card, you can get in touch with support to have your limits increased :point_down:

Thanks for the tag, it was very effective :slight_smile:

Everyone with the Curve icon on their profile is an employee. Have a look and you’ll find that there’s quite a lot of posts from us in here.

@Curve_Marie Thanks for the update and interested to see what you can find out.

Most likely simple reason: nobody thought of that. :open_mouth:

Are there any updates regarding this question?

Done digging!

We are rethinking the refund process at the moment. Having the refunds affect the spending limits is a great idea and adding it into our plans will probably make sense :slight_smile: