Refunds - Another 'coming soon' promise broken

I quote from the Curve blog of 6th August 2020:

“If you have a refund sitting in your Curve Cash card right now, you can spend it immediately but can’t move it to another card just yet. We’re working on making this possible very soon, and will update you as soon as it is.”

Three months on and no news.

I had a partial refund credited back to Curve Cash (not sure why it couldn’t be returned to the underlying card but that’s not the point I’m making) and it’s now stuck there (most transactions are larger than the refund).

Come on Curve, you need to keep your promises!

i remember when the wirecard parnership ended and for a wee while, refunds went to curve cash by default. everybody was so angry!

Hey @jmark.stevenson, just want to let you know that our team are still working on this feature but - as you know - it’s taking longer than we thought it would. Completely understand your frustration about it!

I actually liked the idea of the refund going to Curve Cash and I think it should be a choice in the settings. I’ve recently had a few flight refunds and the original transactions were made on a card I don’t use regularly now. The refunds going to cash means I can use them to pay another credit card.

Yeah that’s a great use case. Personally I’m of the same opinion, give us an option to select where the refund goes (or set one up by default e.g. all refunds go to underlying card or Curve cash)

If there was a choice then that’s fine, but at the moment I’ve got an (admittedly small) refund that I can’t access. If curve cash could be used for partial payment and the balance taken from another card that would also be fine. The point is ‘coming soon’ seems to be defined differently by Curve, meaning some time in the future!