Refunds - Another 'coming soon' promise broken

Yeah that’s a great use case. Personally I’m of the same opinion, give us an option to select where the refund goes (or set one up by default e.g. all refunds go to underlying card or Curve cash)

If there was a choice then that’s fine, but at the moment I’ve got an (admittedly small) refund that I can’t access. If curve cash could be used for partial payment and the balance taken from another card that would also be fine. The point is ‘coming soon’ seems to be defined differently by Curve, meaning some time in the future!

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Another month passes in the “coming soon” saga. Prioritizing new gimmicks such as bank balance display over bug fixing and other facilities already promised much earlier is going to annoy existing users. As an investor I’m all for Curve building the business but let’s get the basics sorted first.

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I have also had a lot of refunds to my Curve card which get stuck in Curve Cash. Really don’t like the fact that any of my refunds seem to get defaulted to Curve Cash and not to the original payment card.

One dirty hack that worked for me was to open up a Revolut account, add the exact Curve Cash amount to that account from your Curve card (select Curve Cash as underlying funds), then transfer the money back to your bank account.

It’s not ideal but at least you get the money in your hands and not held in the ether that you can’t really spend. It’s helped me with a few holiday refunds which otherwise would have been ‘stuck’ for God knows how long.

Agree though that Curve needs to have a proper solution for this so you don’t have to work around the system.

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Thanks for the hack. I used something similar to transfer the refund to another bank account, but as you say we shouldn’t need to do this. The transfer from Curve Cash to another card can’t be that difficult technically so I suspect there is some other hurdle stopping it. But they promised it back in August last year so I’m disappointed with lack of progress.

Indeed. I think having the option to get refunds to Curve Cash would be one of the killer features, together with free FX and GBiT. I really hope Curve implements it… Right now refunds go Merchant → Curve (may or may not get a notification, not easy to figure out what happened in the app) → (some unspecified amount of time) underlying card you might not even be using anymore. It’s one of my biggest points of friction with Curve. Even just having the refund land initially in Curve Cash and having the option to then send it to the original card would improve things massively.

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Hi @Hannah , so six months on and still no news - not even a possible date? What is the problem? Is it technical, financial or task priority?

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Hey @jmark.stevenson, we’re still actively working on this feature but we’ve run into a few technical issues along the way. We’re ironing these issues out in test so that you don’t experience them when it’s launched. We can’t give an exact timeframe right now but rest assured we’re working on bringing it to you as soon as possible!

is the feature likely to come out imminently?

@ac we’re working on launching it as soon as we can!

Now into April - any update please Hannah? Coming soon after 8 months?

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The original topic closed but I’d still like a response from Curve.

The ‘promise’ was from August 2020 and the team have been working on it ever since so they say!!

So what’s happening if anything?

Hi @jmark.stevenson, sorry for missing this older thread until now. I’m going to discuss this with the product team today so that I can provide an update on the plans for this feature.

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Hi @Curve_Joel , It’s been a little while since you said you were going to enquire about this. Have you made any progress? Since this has been outstanding since August 2020 I had hoped for some ETA?

Hi @jmark.stevenson, thanks for giving me a bump on this. I’ve checked back in with the team that was working on this and they’ve said they’re no longer looking into providing a solution for moving refunds from Curve cash to a chosen bank account at this time.

After the team announced they were looking into providing this solution, they realised that there was the possibility that the suggested feature would be used in ways that wouldn’t be compliant with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations. Since we couldn’t monitor every usage of such a feature, we were unable to create it.

I’m sorry for any disappointment caused and I’d recommend checking out this thread for some possible workarounds: How does Curve Cash work? - #27 by Gaoler

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Hi @Curve_Joel thanks for the update, but yes I am disappointed. So Hanna’s reply in Feb that there were technical problems that just needed ironing out before launch was misleading. It’s a shame it’s taken 19 months for Curve to figure out it couldn’t be done. In which case more care needs to be taken that refunds are paid back to the correct card and not just dumped into Curve Cash

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If they want to they could make it so that if you make a transaction that is bigger than what you have in curve cash then the last curve cash is used and the remaining amount that couldn’t be covered by curve cash gets charged to the chosen underlying card. Shouldn’t be too difficult to implement

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Sorry to hear you’re disappointed by this update. It’s quite possible that the team were still planning to return to this project at the time that they were asked in February by Hannah but this has changed since.

The Curve team have worked hard to improve the rules for processing refunds to the correct transactions and they’ll continue to improve when opportunities for this are identified! :grin: