Refunds into Curve card do not appear!


I made 28.01 and 29.01 some transactions (totally 5) using Dotpay (polish payment processor). Each transaction was refunded 20zł but today we have 16.02 and I don’t see still my refunds.

I contacted DotPay and they confirmed refund. 5 refunds was make on 30.01.

Can somebody had that’s problem earlier? Support since about 3 weeks don’t reply for my e-mail requests…

I had the same issue, different merchant of course, but refunds not showing. Support confirmed they could see the refund (I had a receipt to prove as well, but it wasn’t necessary) and they manually posted the refund. It took about 1.5 weeks, which wasn’t great, but I did get my money back.

Thanks for info @fwdlink.

Today at 21:00 I received notification about refund Curve need only 18 days to process refund :confused: