Refunds messed up when switching cards

Hi all,

I’ve noticed a strange behaviour with refunds and switching cards that happened at least 5-6 times now on different transactions/occasions. What I suspect the issue is is that when you make a transaction, switch your card, then get a refund on that transaction, the refund doesn’t get linked to the original transaction and you either get duplicate transactions or you don’t receive your refund (until someone from curve manually looks at it). Is this a known issue?


Yes, I’m facing the exact same problem for over three weeks now without any acknowledgement of the issue. Even worse in my situation, the merchant authorized the payment, I switched cards, and they then reversed the auth so it should have dropped off; but nope, still sitting in the switched card and realistically I’m worried that the only recourse is to file a dispute with the underlying card against Curve.

I am sorry have no other way to put it … Refunds are still way too messy with Curve

Hey @louay @Czar

This shouldn’t be happening. Can you raise a ticket with our support team? They can look into this for you.