Refunds need revamping

The way refunds are displayed in the app needs to be changed, especially partial refunds

Example current workflow

  1. Spend £10 on curve
  2. Retailer refunds £2.50
  3. Get a notification in Curve of £2.50 refund
  4. Open the curve app and the previous transaction that read “Retailer X £10.00” now reads “Retailer X, £7.50 REFUNDED”

This is super confusing…, once the app notification has been cleared there is know way of knowing how much or when it was refunded or what the original transaction amount is/was without looking at the underlying card. This is just not acceptable. It makes it very difficult to track the transactions on the underlying card as there is basically no record of the dates and amounts of refunded transactions in the curve app.

The simplest solution to this is just to create a separate transaction for the refund. This makes much more sense, as the refund IS actually a separate transaction that is credited back to the underlying card. This will also ensure that the number of transactions listed in the curve app matches the number of transactions seen on the underlying card which is currently not the case.


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