Refunds New Process

This morning I opened Curve and an automatic notification made me decide in which card I wanted to have a refund that I was waiting for. No more writing to support and stuff like that. Seems that finally process is automatic :slight_smile:


Very buggy though. For me I had an amount showing in GBP despite it actually being EUR, leaving me wondering if Curve had converted the amount to GBP for some weird reason or if it was just the symbol that was incorrect

I did wonder too if it converted the refund

This is good to hear, especially as two refunds went AWOL on my Curve account until chased. One for £150 was a refund from an internet transaction. Support said they could not identify the card it came from despite the amount still being visible on this months transactions on the card used. I had a number of transactions with the merchant but the amount was exact. Another refund turned up without chasing (made on the same card but for a different amount to the original spend.) It all seems a bit haphazard.

I had refund to the wrong card

Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear your refund was processed to a different card. I am happy to move the refund from your card ending 0 to the one ending 0 , however, it will involve charging the card that we processed the refund to and then refunding the card ending 0 .

If we do that, it might appear as you’ve been charged twice, until the refund goes through. Please let us know if you’d like us to move the refund or just leave it as it is.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,

I was so excited when I saw that maybe something was starting to move towards the right direction. Unfortunately still now have to write down and follow up all my refunds because without doing so Curve simply forget to refund some transactions that seems to get stuck in a limbo somewhere :unamused: