Refunds stuck in Wirecard

I’m due a refund from Amazon. It was credited to my Curve card a couple of weeks ago, but is still not refunded to original card, or showing up on Curve. Apparently it’s stuck within Wirecard and until they agree to release it, I won’t get my cash. This is yet another reason why I’m very reluctant to start using my Curve card again. Any ideas how I can get my money back?

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Wait. Or you can try raising it with your bank, or with the original merchant, if you’re really desperate. I’m unsure what the proper way to handle it would be. If the merchant already sent the refund and it’s truly stuck with Wirecard, it’s possible that nobody can really help you in this case (especially not in a timely manner, as chargebacks can take months to be resolved) until all Wirecard refunds are handled.

Curve is now 100% Wirecard-free, and all e-money services are handled in-house. However, it’s true that currently refunds are not working 100% until the new refund system comes into place (expected this week). Also means that any future issues with refunds will Curve’s fault directly, so take that as you will.

Have you tried to contact the support by email?

An e-mail just went out, saying it will be returned to Curve Cash by the end of this week. It is not ”early this week” as previously mentioned/promised but at least it is something. Email in full below.

Just remains to be seen how dinged we’re going to be on currency conversion losses due to this.

Hi Denali,
We know you’ve been waiting to receive your refund, and we’d like to THANK YOU for your patience.
We’ve got good news.
We’ve received your refund from Wirecard and we’re working on processing it back to you!
Your refund should hit your Curve Cash Card by the end of this week. From there, you’ll be able to spend your refunded money immediately by selecting your Curve Cash Card as your payment card within the app. Your refund is a part of the new way we’re processing refunds. You can read all about how it works here.
Spoiler alert.
Soon, you’ll be able to move money from your Cash Card to a different payment card within your Curve Wallet. This isn’t quite ready yet; we’re aiming to have it up and running by the end of the month.
Thanks again for your support,
Team Curve

Yes, contacted them a few days ago. Basically told to wait, but that’s not good enough, which I don’t be using Curve until the Wirecard situation is sorted.

Thanks for this.

I have two refunds; I am very unclear on what is happening with both of them.

One refund from Amazon for £300ish was sent back on the 27th June at 11pm according to my email from Amazon. I believe this is after Wirecard was suspended but that money hasn’t appeared anywhere.

And the other refund also from Amazon for around £180 was from this Sunday and that hasn’t appeared yet either.

I don’t know when I will get these back - and Curve’s lack of communication even though I have emailed them to complain is not acceptable.

I consider refunds to be more important that spending on the card - as we are trusting them to return our money and although I do expect it will come back eventually their communication is simply not good enough.

Yep both of those transactions would be considered to be after the Wirecard issues (anything after 2PM 27th June) so your refunds should be with you today! As @Denali mentioned, an update just went out today so everyone should be receiving refunds on Curve Cash.

No refunds yet today.

Also no emails from curve back to my complaint about how this is handled.

Strange, I was reading this thread earlier:

and it seems like many users have received their refunds. Contact support if you still haven’t received yours in Curve Cash by tomorrow.

I have been waiting nearly a month for my cash - I read posts suggesting all is sorted - its not . given the delay in responding to my support messages - and Curve’s inability to actually own the problem I can’t believe I am alone in this boat - either way it doesn’t look great . either they are drowning in problems , or have the worst support known to man . neither bodes well . ABSOLUTE SHAMBLES
not sure Curve are even bothered that there is their customers money missing . they seem to think that its 100 percent wirecards problem now.

it’s fully the problem of curve. I use curve and I know nothing about wirecard. Curve’s support wrote me that they receive my money but they can’t transfer it to me. I really don’t understand what happens. @Curve_Marie, any ideas?

I think Curve are sighting some t’s and c’s and saying that its the third parties responsibility or at least in my case - Curve are happy to take your subscription . but when it goes wrong its upto you to sort with Wirecard - Speaking of which does anyone know how to contact Wirecard as it appears Curve aren’t willing to fight on my behalf to get MY money returned.

just to provide a data point:
my refunds have just landed on my curve cash account this evening.
purchases were made on 24Jun , refunds triggered by the merchant a week later.

I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve just seen an official post from Curve on the refunds thread which should help shed some light: Wirecard: Refunds

there is no information about wirecard-refunds

Check this post by Curve, Wirecard refunds have started being processed since the 9th of July: Wirecard: Refunds

the reality seems to be somewhat different

Hi did this ever get sorted for you? I’m waiting on a post wirecard refund from amazon transaction made and refund on July 2nd. Had email from amazon saying refunded and nothing back from CS at curve. @Curve_Marie can you provide some help?

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I’m waiting for refunds too from july 7 and still nothing…