Refunds to Curve Cash (toggle)

It would be great if you could choose to have any refunds go into your curve cash instead of the underlying card it was taken from.

I understand not everyone would want this so a toggle to enable / disable would be great.

The reason I would like this is because it gets very time consuming checking refunds credit correctly with the underlying card apps, I’d rather just use curve for everything (which is what it is designed for) so if refunds go to curve cash everytime I can see it in the curve app and the curve cash will automatically be debited anyway on future transactions (within curve cash balance)

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I think this could lead to cashback abuse

I buy an item and charge my cc

I return it and get curve cash

I have gained the cashback without spending the money

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For a short while (shortly after/during the Wirecard debacle) all refunds did actually go to Curve cash and this loophole (the cashback abuse) was reported on a well visited website that discusses ways to maximise points/cashback on a Creditcard.
Shortly after this publication (only a couple of days) Curve reverted the way it treated refunds and decided that if they could ‘match’ the refund it should go to the original underlying card again.
Curve never admitted it, instead told that they reverted the way they refund to the original situation (where it goes to the original underlying card), because the community asked for it, but I am fairly sure this loophole was the actual reason why refunds did not go to Curve cash anymore.
And I am fairly sure that’s also the reason why this idea is not going to happen.

In the discussion topic about this 180 turn on refunds there were quite some people at that time that asked Curve to put refunds on Curve cash again, examples:

And later every now and then someone came along to ask about this feature:

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Ok thanks for both your responses, I have only had curve for 3 months so I did not realise this is how they used to do it.

I understand some people may have abused cashback from underlying card providers now you mention it. It is a shame because refunds take 5-7days to underlying card so going to curve cash would have been instant if you use your card everyday.

Im sure the types of people that were abusing it were the ones just after a free curve account (a bit like curve fronted) so maybe it could be an option for paid (premium) metal card holders to reduce any abuse of it?

I’d like the opposite and disable refunds to Curve Cash altogether. Curve Cash is a mayor PITA because you often run into currency conversion losses (because it still doesn’t support currencies other than GBP!) and you can’t get the full amount out easily because to spend it your transaction cannot exceed the balance, so to spend the full amount it needs to match exactly which is virtually impossible.

tl;dr: Curve Cash is bad.