Refunds: what we used to do, and how we’ve fixed it

I get the wrong payment refunded to the wrong card again

Not the first time i get a refund to the wrong card

I just got a refund but I can’t see the original transaction in the timeline. Is this normal ?

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There you go Curve :four_leaf_clover: , looking beautiful inside too. , and you’ve been refunded. :laughing: Thats very good actually. Good to know how things works.

Really neat development. :grinning:

Great news guys… Especially the push notification that is fired for unmatched refunds…

This sounds really nice, but I only see it referred to total refunds. What about partial refunds? These are the most problematic to me, as it is almost impossible to get the complete information (es I explained here with a real example).

Maybe you have improved them as well … but I don’t see it explained in your post.

EDIT: and I still believe that a filter in the “timeline” to show all and only the refunded transactions would be really useful to facilitate the tracking.


This is great news! Well done to the team :slight_smile:

I do have one question - if you close the notification about a refund, is there any way to get back to it? I sometimes accidentally swipe away notifications, and the Curve app doesn’t have a notification list/inbox. I wouldn’t want to miss out on a refund because of this!

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This is also important for me - due to the way my phone works, I often can’t see notifications.

Gj Curve, thank you!

This is excellent news! Great job, keep it up. :muscle:

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I received a partial refunds, here’s how it looks now.

The only problem now is that the original transaction has disappeared from the timeline and the only way to know what the amount of the original purchase was is to click on the refund.

Only EUR involved, right? The problem with the partial refunds come mostly when they are in a different currency, and there is no way to match the original transaction and the refunded one.

I live in France so only euros involved.
In your case, I’m not sure if the problem is that they could not find the right/original transaction or is the ui design was just really poorly thought out.

Agreed, really hope this functionality doesn’t all just rely on a temporary notification.

Now 56 votes for having a proper inbox in the app for messages - Inbox in the app/the ability to access previous notifications


Interesting. Just recently (3/4) a merchant charged two times for one transaction (web site glitch), assured to refund next day, and I got the refund the day after that without any trouble. So things are working as promised. Good.

But: now the app display is somewhat weird. The second withdrawal is gone, the refund is listed instead as a positive value, and if one would do just add up the numbers it would turn out that I didn’t just get a refund but two of them. The sum spent for the month so far is correct though.

My suggestion: a refund shouldn’t make the withdrawal it is refunding disappear on the list. This is an account balance. Let’s do it right.

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Great work Curve! Good to see one of the biggest gripes in this community has been resolved!

I have an issue with a refund and the ticket system does not seem to be working, who can I contact in relation to this?

If you’re having issues with the support email not working then I’d call the number on the back of your card.

That’s great, but will you PLEASE acknowledge the problem you’ve now created with pre-authorised transactions, as I describe here 12 days ago and you are still ignoring?

I have a current issue with a declined payment and can not communicate through issue with payment option. Which other method can be used to rectify this issue. Thanks