Refused payment because not logged in? Card in Apple Wallet

Hi! I’ve tried to pay 67€ with my Curve card (Apple wallet) and it was refused.

At the moment of the payment, I was not loged in on the phone I used, but in my wife’s. Is it because of that? I know that I can’t log-in in multiple devices at the same time, but does this limit also affects Apple Wallet?
The card can only be used on the phone where the app is logged in?

Because if it is not that, I don’t understand why the payment was refused :confused:

Thank you.

No it doesn’t need to be logged in, you’d need to contact customer service to find out why the payment was declined.

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Ok, thank you for your help.

I’ve contacted customer service but I’m a bit lost:

  • It’s not the first time that I use Curve to pay at this store.
  • It’s not the first time that I use this card through Curve.
  • The card has funds (in fact, I used it to pay directly after the refuse).

So… :thinking: well, I’ll wait customer service answer, but I’m not very confident that they can give me an answer to this mystery :pensive:

Hey @capitan, Welcome to the Community! As already mentioned, being logged in on your wifes phone shouldn’t affect your payments with Curve. There’s a few different reasons why you might have had a decline so our team will need to look at your account to see why. If you haven’t already been in touch, you can email them directly at :smile:

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