Regenerate card number at request

I don’t know if it is technically possible, but it would be nice to be able to regenerate card number at request and then save it to the physical card through the Curve app.
This would prevent the case in which there is a fraud and I have to block the card and ask for a new one, waiting for it to arrive and pay the shipping costs.
Regenerating the card number at request and saving it on the physycal card would solve this problem.

Use virtual… which Curve do not offers… for the moment.

For unknown sites I use Revolut, there is a virtual DISPOSABLE CARD (even free for standard users) which charge automatically its number/date/cvv after every payment. Still possible to receive refund/revert if needed.

0.00 pre-authorisation is possible but if >0 not (just change).

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I use Curve card also online wherever PayPal is not accepted.
I also have Revolut and use its disposable cards.
My suggestion, in a certain sense, is to mix the things as if Curve card became a sort of disposable card (without exaggerating in regenerating the numbers).
I think it would be very useful.

I dont think its possible to change a card number for an offline card, a new card always must be issued.