Regulatory questions for Curve

As Curve is based in the UK, could you confirm what regulatory licences it holds and what they cover?

Your terms state:

The Curve Card (Curve Prepaid Mastercard® or Curve Debit Mastercard®) and E-money is issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Limited (company No. 07875693) with its registered office at Third Floor Grainger Chambers, 3-5 Hood Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6JQ. Wirecard Card Solutions Limited is authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue electronic money (Firm Reference Number: 900051) (“the Issuer”).
Curve 1 Limited (company No. 9523903) with its registered office at 15-19 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH (“Curve”) promotes and distributes the Curve Card.

The FCA Register includes a reference for Curve 1 Limited at a different address (out of date?) which is authorised as an Appointed representative for a Belgium firm which appears to be authorised to sell insurance. I note the CEO of this firm is listed as Shahar Bialick

Curve’s CEO is called Shachar Bialick : what is the connection between the two firms and why is their a discrepancy in the spelling of the name?

Looking at the FSA entry for Wirecard it makes no reference to Curve but does include the details of other firms it issues cards for as EMD Agents - why not Curve?

As such, it would be nice to confirm exactly what services Curve is licenced to provide and for whom.

Something smells fishy :skull:

We need to go deeper…

The company register has “Shahar”, so I’m guessing that’s the legal spelling

What if Curve was made as a holding company for WireCard to keep their money in, because let’s be honest with the amount of companies/banks/FinTechs utilising WireCard’s services, it’s going to be costly (in taxes) to hold all that money in one corporation.

Yes, I should make clear I’m not saying Curve are doing anything wrong - it would just be nice to get a formal answer to these points before CrowdCube come asking for the funds from the current fund raising… - so we understand:

a) what the relationship between these different companies are; and
b) exactly what Curve itself is authorised to do under the terms of its FCA licence

@Curve_Marie @charlie.hammond Are you able to clarify these issues?


The Belgium company is an AXA company and Curve is an authorised representative of that company to distribute insurance.

It’s the same person, the name is misspelt.

Wirecard is regulated by the FCA and is our e-money issuer. There are no requirements for them to list us as program managers.