Reinstalling app on new phone

I have a new phone so reinstalled the app. My expectation was that once I log in, Curve will retain all my cards and transactions. However when clicking on the “magic link” I am emailed, it as if I am a new customer. Am I really expected to select the product I have and re-add all my cards? What about my transaction history?

Has anyone been through this process before and can advise? Thanks.

Did you click on create a new account by mistake?

Nope, “I already have an account”, and on the next screen “sign in with email”.

Okay, I have solved this problem. It turns out I originally signed up to Curve with a different email (i.e. not my regular address).

There seems like an opportunity for improvement here - perhaps a message somewhere in the flow that says “the email you’ve used is not registered so let’s set up a new account”, however this issue was essentially user error.

Thanks for your help.