Reissuing Curve cards on expiry

How far ahead of an existing Curve card expiring does Curve send a new debit card - and is there any notification of this happening in the app such as an option to activate a new card?

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Not sure. Help article does not specify when exactly.

If your Curve Card expires soon, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your shipping address. Once confirmed, we’ll automatically reissue your Curve Card for free.

Well, I’ve finally not received an email… and I know others who got reissued cards automatically.


Can you confirm the process and timescale please?

My card is due to expire at the end of this month and every other financial institution I have never used, provides replacements much earlier (4-6 weeks) than the expiry date…

My card expired last month I contract support was told a new would card would be sent and was told it could take 5 to 20 day for delivery l’m still waiting

As an update, I received two emails overnight.

The first received at 02:52 wanted to confirm my address:

Want your card sent to a different address?
You have 14 days to change your saved address in the app before we create your new card. Go to Account, tap Settings and click on your address to update it. Full details here.
Your new card will be shipped to you before the expiry date of the old card. It can take up to 6 weeks for your new card to arrive, from the date of this email.

The next one sent at 03:55 said:

Your new Curve Card is on its way – we’ll send out your card to the address below.
Your Card will arrive in the next 10-25 business days, depending on processing time.

Obviously, I was asleep when both emails arrived!

As a reminder my card expires at the end of July which makes a joke of Curve’s timing/emails as I highlight above.

The only good thing is that the app does show an indication that a new card is on its way