Rejected transaction - Payment went through my underlying card anyway

Hi Everyone,
Got an issue this evening with a payment authorisation.
First try, the transaction got rejected (auth rejected). Second try, the receipt states “connection KO” (it’s the first time I see this one on a receipt :see_no_evil:). Both tries were made with contactless & PIN (35€ each).
At first I didn’t notice the transactions STILL WENT THROUGH to my underlying Revolut card, both of them.
After a few minutes, I received a single notification from the Curve App that one of these transactions was rejected (no way to know which one), while on the App timeline the first one seems like it was accepted and the second one still is in pending status.
Luckily, Revolut cancelled automatically both of them BUT weirdly enough, a THIRD one popped up on the Revolut statement as “postponed transaction - rejected”.
I am at a loss for words. :crazy_face:

Anyway, I was able to pay with another debit card of mine, using a local italian interbank network named PagoBANCOMAT. While the operation mode states “Online” on every receipt, the last one on my italian debit card weirdly states CVM offline PIN as the authentication method so I’m assuming the POS had some connection issues (the second receipt on the Curve card shows no auth. Resp. Code, too).

I’m willing to share this story and every receipt to the support team, if needed.

I’m currently on Curve beta app v. 3.1.2 (80) - iOS 12.4.1.

In issues with rejected payments support encouraged me to contact them (via email) and sent receipt(s), so they can investigate and solve it quicker.

Yup, however I posted this in Curve Beta instead of Bugs because I assumed it’s Beta-related: it’s ok if a payment gets rejected occasionally (I already stated that the POS must have had some connection issues, the second receipt suggests that especially), however the Curve app still considers the 2 transactions to be OK and my underlying card was charged accordingly (?) 3 three times. :thinking:


payment issues would normally not be Beta related so please reach out to our support team, they are the experts on this field and can escalate to other teams where required.

Props on the detailed report, that and the receipts should help the support team to investigate this.

Happy testing,

Hi @curve_tobias,
I escalated the issue to the support team a few days ago. I attached the receipts I mentioned above to my messages along with some screencaps of Curve App Wallet, Insights and Timeline tabs and the underlying Revolut card statement. We have been exchanging e-mails since. :wink:

I already knew the POS machine was the one to blame, the support team confirmed the first transaction was approved but the POS internet connection probably dropped immediately afterwards causing the merchant to send a reversal message.
It’s still not clear why I can see 3 declined transactions on the Revolut statement when I clealry switched to a totally different debit card after the two failed attempts with the Curve card. :thinking: