Removing a card from Curve doesn't remove the smart rules associated with that card

Issue: (one-sentence summary) See title.

How to reproduce it: Add a card to Curve. Create a smart rule that directs spending to that card. Remove that card from Curve. Go back to smart rules and see the card is still listed with the associated rule. Unsure how this affects things when spending actually occurs (ie. Will the spending that would have gone to the removed card still get charged to the card you’ve removed? Does it route spending to Curve Credit? Does it charge your default card instead?)

OS: Android

Device: Moto G Power 2021

App version: 3.35.1 (33501000)

Screenshot: You can see in one screen shot that I used to have “Chase Freedom Flex” as a linked card that I had rules for. I removed that card (you can see it is not listed in my list of cards), but the rules still remain. The final screenshot is when clicking into those rules, I can still see the card info for the deleted card like the last 4 digits and the expiration date.

Apologies if this should go under Feedback US instead of this category; it wasn’t clear to me the proper place to log US bugs. Thank you so much!