Renewal time: business card or consumer card


Having signed up during the original beta phase, I currently have a “business” version of the card.

I’ve now received an email from Curve saying my card is expiring and I need to make a decision; stick with the business version or change to the consumer one.

Q: Is there any noticeable difference between the two types of card in terms of what I get?


Hello @steveharman, welcome back in our community! :grinning:

You can find more info here:

As per the Curve Terms (see here, section “General Information”):

From time to time, we may request further information from you, to check if you still need a business account. If Curve for any reason determines that your account type has changed, Curve will issue you a replacement card.

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Just be aware that UK law states that you can’t be charged a fee by a business if they accept a personal credit card but can if its a business card.