Rental Car Collision Waiver Insurance - Fraud

On signing up to Curve metal we have been checking and investigation the insurances that go with the metal card only to discover that Rental Car Collision Waiver Insurance has two main conditions that have not been advertised or provided in any documentation mainly that according to AXA insurance the Rental Car Collision Waiver Insurance is only claimable when way from your home or card address for at least one night and you have to be at least 100km away from your home or card address when renting a car.
Curve state the Rental Car Collision Waiver Insurance as a separate benefit as displayed on the web site from the travel insurance although in truth it is linked to travel insurance.
We have had no response from Curve in response to our inquiries about this through the app and so have made a formal complaint to the advertising standard authority. In addition it appears Curve are not registered to sell insurance as an insurance broker in the UK possibley making the insurance invalid in any event.


Thats interesting. So if you rented a car for the day and returned it late evening, you wouldn’t be covered?

Our understanding is that if you rented a car for the day from your home area, your home area being the address at which your card is registered you would not be covered by the rental car collision waiver insurance as provided by AXA insurance. For confirmation you could ring the insurance help and claims line from AXA insurance which is + 44 203 887 29 49
Despite requests we have had no response from Curve so its likely we will be taking legal action again Curve and AXA for mis selling and misleading information at which point we assume AXA insurance will withdrawal insurances provided to Curve based on a breach of contract

This is clear in the terms and conditions of the insurance and something I have pointed out from the start.

The insurance is provided by AXA, not Curve and the terms are quite clear as they are presented.

It is the customers responsibility to make sure that insurance they purchase is suitable for them. That means actually reading the terms and conditions before buying. Curve are not acting as a Broker as they are not providing any advice as to the product and they have been clear about not commenting on the insurance product as it is an AXA product.

It’s not my position to comment on legal matters, and nothing I say should be considered as anything more than my opinion. I certainly don’t speak for Curve. But do you really think AXA - acting in one of the most heavily regulated markets in the world - aren’t monitoring how their products are sold to make sure its legal?


We have had no response from Curve in relation to this matter
We have several times checked the terms and conditions and the points we have raised about the rental car collision insurance and can see no reference to the points we have raised
As you have stated we could be incorrect we might have missed something however we feel the lack of response from Curve tend to suggest we are correct
In any event the matter is out of our hands now and the UK courts will have to decide if we are correct or not

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What did AXA say when you called them to clarify?

AXA told us for the insurance to be valid for a claim the car had to be rented at least 100km away from your home area this being being the address at which your card is registered or be able to prove you have stayed at least one night in accommodation away from your home address if this is not the case you would not be covered by the rental car collision waiver insurance as provided by AXA insurance.

Where is this stated by Axa, please, as I assume it exists in writing somewhere?

Yes, it’s been in the terms and conditions since the product was first offered…at least it was there when I last looked!


Perhaps you might like to provide some more information about who you are and why you feel the need to make lots of threats of legal action?

What’s behind all of this?

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This reference fascinates me. It seems so random :thinking:

I think the answer from AXA ist correct. I will explain it by the terms and conditions.

Page 23 - Defintions of the CDW

…must be paid for in full with your covered card. This cover is limited to
no more than 31 days. Collision Damage Waiver is only valid for rental vehicles rented and
driven whilst on a valid trip.

The important terms are “your covered card” and, the most important, “on a valid trip”. So they mark them as bold terms :wink:

The trip defintion on page 11 says:

Any trip solely within the country of residence is only covered where you are travelling at
least 100 kilometres from home and have pre-booked at least two nights’ stay at a registered
accommodation provider rented for a fee.

So the insurance is only valid for holidays and not for a simple car rental at home. It´s only a travel insurence at all.


I agree.

I’m the first to point out where Curve have been bad (in fact this will probably get moderated, my posts all get censored now, it seems).

But this isn’t really exclusively a Curve issue - any bundled insurance is always going to be a basic policy, and you really should read the details - this is a really common exclusion with CDW / excess waiver type products. Same problem with insurance comparison sites - you get the most basic possible policy because you’re explicitly asking providers to complete primarily on price.

Similarly, if you have any medical conditions and didn’t go through a screening/declare them, I doubt you will be covered for this.

I did some sums - I pay nearly 1/2 the cost of Metal for decent travel insurance, and about 1/4 for a good CDW/Excess policy (that does cover me driving in the UK without any silly 100km/overnight stay clauses). If I had phone insurance, I would be paying over the cost of Metal just for travel/phone insurance. Is it really sensible to expect gold-standard insurance on top of (limited) 1% cashback and a metal card for £15 a month?

There may be an argument for mis-selling here, by AXA - but after PPI I suspect they are pretty careful about this stuff. If you do sue, please tell us how you get on.

PS I hope you didn’t find this out by being in an accident after hiring a car 99km away from home? :slight_smile:

TD;DR - anything “free” (ie bundled) is probably worth what you “pay” for it


As a non Metal User, but frequent rental car user, I find this being a major criteria to not get Metal.

I currently have the Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card (in Germany) which offers a CDW policy included for about 9€ a month (amongst travel insurance etc.). With no restrictions in regard to distances/ trips / holidays etc. It’s a 200€ deductible in case of a claim, which seems fair. (You should still read the fine print and there are exclusions)

Btw it is covered by Inter Partner Assurance which apparently seems to be an AXA branch.

Well said and all valid points.

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Thanks. In the wake of the current situation travel insurance costs are surely going to skyrocket. Will be interesting to see if companies offering bundled travel insurance end up raising prices, drop their insurance offerings or change terms so you get more exclusions/less cover.

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Great info in this topic! Good to know!

This is not news, this is actually quite customary. Those rental car collision waiver insurances that come with many cards are almost always part of a travel insurance. This is for example how the Amex Platinum travel insurance work.

You have to be ”on a trip” for the insurance to be active and valid. To fulfill that requirement you often need to have paid for the trip or at the very least paid for the rental car with the card in question and need to have a flight or at least one night of pre-booked (and often ”paid”) accomodation which is not in your home town/area.

This is not news at all and has been like this for at the very least five past years, when I have done extensive travelling under those exact conditions. The problem is often that people do not read, or worse, do not understand how the insurance work and how to make it active and applicable.

It is wrong to state that the insurance has two conditions which has not been advertised or provided in any documentation. It has been in the documentation of the insurance all along. They maybe do not ”advertise it” but there is no way they could highlight every ins and outs of the extensive travel insurance they offer. If the insurance is important to you, it is your duty to read up on it and be sure to understand how to qualify for coverage by fulfilling the listed requirements. Your failure to do so, is your problem and your’s alone.


I found something interesting in the conditions of the rental car waiver insurance at axa.
There is the condition, that the insurance will only cover damages on rental cars that have a listing price below 35.000€.
Normally, when I rent cars for holidays or travel, there are always more than 35.000€ in listing price.
Just when you rent a normal mercedes, like a C-Class, there are even more than 35.000€.

Maybe it would be better, when something could be changed with axa, that it dont depends on the listing price. Just insure the deductible of the rental car, like up to 5000€ or so.

Would be a much easier policy, which is cheaper for axa (because they dont have to insure it up to 25.000€) and it covers way more rental cars.

What do you think about it?


Bumping this up as this is an important question.