Repetitive Card Blocking - Urgent Help

Dear Curve Support,

In the last 48 hours you have blocked my card 3 times, putting me in very awkward situation where I cant pay for my air tickets, hotel, subscription and other charges assigned to your card. You do not send any notifications that the card is blocked. Then it takes hours to get a respond with sincereappologies for inconvenience and then block the card after couple of payment. Now you send me the letter saying wit for 48 hours !!!

What is the matter? After years of using your service, now I faced constant card unavailable due to blockage.

How can I rely on Curve if you through me under the bus. I have both personal and business expenses through Curve, you can’t just block the card without any notice.

Hi Ru551an, (nice handle by the way) welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Unfortunately you won’t get any support here* because the vast majority of us here are users of the service just like yourself.

*Not the customer service type queries that you would want answered as we don’t have access to Curve’s backend systems for obvious reasons.

As hard as this may be to do I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait until Curve Customer Services get back to you.

I’m sorry I couldn’t offer you more help at this time.

Kind regards,