Replacement card not arrived - no way of contacting

I have recently come back to curve after a couple years away.

I ordered a replacement card, which was due to arrive on the 6th - which it hasn’t. That’s fair enough, but I have no way of contacting curve to speak to them. When I go to settings and then Support section (where I can click on the community button to come here), the only option available is “Community”, there is no love chat etc available anymore.

Any way I can get in touch?

Just beneath the settings button on the account screen, there should be a help centre button, which should allow you to contact Curve support through your app (by clicking on chat).

You can also contact Curve support by:

Or web form: Contact Us

As you can see, nothing like that is available. In comparison to my partner’s account I have far less options available on my app, not sure if this is because they are a new member Vs me a returning? Perhaps it’s bugged out.

Apparently your account screen is temporarily different than mine, since you are waiting for a new card to arrive. Please use one of the two other ways to contact Curve support that I have suggested.

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