Replacement card

My card has some problems with contactless pay, I think it’s broken some way. What should I do now, can I get a new card. I have not damaged the card, contacless just doesn’t work almost at all when trying to pay.

If I get a new card, is it with new numbers? How is a new card going to be activated, and can I still have my old card in use, untill I get a new card? @Curve_Marie

Ehi @RA1,
Get in touch with
They will be able to give you all the information you want.


I will do that, but maybe @Curve_Marie could tell overall what happens with the new card?
I couldn’t find any information about this on Curve sites.

There can be many reasons for a replacement card, but it would be good to know, what happens with the old/new card. Can you use old card untill you get a new one. How do you activate it, and has it the same numbers etc.

As soon as you order a new card the old one gets deactivated, so you won’t have a working Curve card til you receive the new one.

I dont think it goes like that, if you ask for a new card and the old card can still be in use.

Well it was always like that for me in the past. But just send an email to support and ask

Hey @RA1, if your card is lost or stolen we do indeed block the old card, however if you still have your current card and only the contactless isn’t working, we can keep that active until the new one arrives! Just make sure to inform the CX member that’s the case! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face: @CurveJake

What about the card number, will it be different from the current active card?

How does the activation of the new card go, when the old card is still active?

Hey @RA1, our support team will be able to issue a card with the same PAN (long card number), but different expiry date and CVC of course.You’ll need to make sure to mention that you want the same PAN when asking for a replacement. Once our team reissue your card, you’ll notice a prompt in the app to activate your new card. Then, when you get your new card, you’ll just need to enter the last four digits to activate it, the same way as your first card. :blush: