Replacement for expiring Curve, New Number

I’m sure this is somewhere but I’ve tried searching and can’t find it. My Curve is expiring and my replacement has come and I’ve registered it. Unlike other cards it had a different number on the front from the first so I’m hoping that doesn’t mean that I have to go I to all of my payments and update them to the new number?

I did notice that my last 4 digits in Apple Pay remained the same and the app told me I already had the card added when I tried to add the new one. But I would just like co formation before I end up having a transaction declined, or conversely wasting my time changing the info in all my payments.

Although I suspect I may have to do that anyway as the expiry date will need to be changed.

The only thing I could find remotely related to this was that last year there was an article talking about having no numbers printed on cards at all…

Thanks in advance. I just need to know if I need to set aside some time tonight to go through and change my payment card numbers and/or expiry dates on any websites I have this stored on.

Yes, you will need to change any recurring payments or saved cards. This is normal procedure for any card renewal, except in certain cases of credit cards where you have a Continuous Payment Authority which allows the retailer to request the new card details from the card issuer.

Apple Pay won’t change because that is basically an entirely different virtual card that doesn’t have an expiry date (or rather, it automatically renews every hour or so anyway in the background). It’s basically like having another card on the same account.

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Not really. With every credit card I’ve ever had in 30-odd years the card number always stays the same. The only thing which requires updating is the expiry date, and that’s just a quick change, not a whole re-approval process.

So yes, this is a bigger pain than just updating an expiry date sadly :pensive:

Credit cards do carry the card number yes, but debit cards do not. Either way the CVV and expiry date change which triggers the need to reauthenticate except in the case of CPAs. Curve is not a credit card…

Is it really that much more effort? I’ve always had to reauthenticate things even if it’s just a CVV and expiry date change.

Thanks all. As mentioned above yes I would need to change the expiry and CVV, but those don’t usually involve a while re-approval process. With while new number it’s the same as putting in a new card and it will need to be confirmed from scratch.

Fair enough. Shows how much I use debit cards (never), and yeah to me it is a bit of a pain.

Everyone has different circumstances.

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