Replacement updated Curve card not accepted on GPay contact device

I’ve received a replacement blue card for my expiring Beta black card and it has a new number which is not embossed.
I could not FIX the old card on GPay as the card number has changed.
I have been able to add the new card to GPay but a message states “Couldn’t finish setup to pay in shops.”
Does anyone know if this is a problem, or should I raise a ticket with support?

Have now fixed this.
I deleted the old card, then went to the new card to complete the set up. But no text was sent to Curve by GPay to complete the set up.
I then noticed that a Add to GPay button had appeared on Curve after I had deleted the old card, so I clicked this. That did not work as it said the card was already registered on GPay.
Went back to GPay and deleted the new card.
Went back to Curve and clicked the GPay button, and this time it worked and all is now as it should be.

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