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Until the last few days, if I had a problem with a transaction (almost always that curve cashback had not been credited for a transaction that should have earned 1%), there was a button at the bottom of that transaction’s details allowing me to raise a ticket. That is now gone, and the button directs to FAQs.

PLEASE restore the feature allowing me to raise a ticket within the transaction details. This was the logical place for it, and considering how frequently I had to raise these tickets (at least once a week because oyster top-ups were not counting as TfL) it was helpful that they were linked to the specific transaction involved.


I don’t recall the function when it ran as you described, but having now looked, I agree the link should be on the transaction screen rather than launching FAQs

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I tried this myself this morning saw that when the FAQ page screen comes up, there is a message box icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. Clicking on this icon opens up a new window where you can raise a new ticket, as well as view all your previously raised tickets.

Also, if you click and open an FAQ article you can also raise a ticket by tapping the pen/pencil icon.

The idea behind adding the FAQ screen was to offer customers better personal troubleshooting options before contacting our Customer Support team. In the use case you describe, this cannot be resolved by yourself and requires one of our team to manually apply the rewards for you. We have forwarded your feedback onto our Head of Product and our Design team respectively.

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When the FAQ screen comes up from a transaction details page, I don’t have any buttons in the top right corner (running iPhone X with all software up-to-date). If I use the hamburger button from the main screen, then tap support, then scroll down I can access my support tickets. It’s only there where I see a button to raise a new ticket.

The example I provided was for an Android device and not for an iPhone - apologise for the confusion! We had one of our colleagues try to raise a ticket from a transaction on their iPhone X and the way they did it was as follows:

  • Open transaction and click ‘I have a question’, which opens up the FAQ page.
  • Clicked on a random FAQ article and there was a ‘Still have a question’ tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the next screen, they clicked on ‘Start a conversation’, which opened a new ticket window.

It wasn’t immediately clear that raising a ticket from a transaction now included so many different steps - this should be far easier and mirror how things were before. This has been flagged to the respective team members from Engineering & Product, as well our Head of Customer Experience.

For the time being, the easiest way to raise a support ticket will be through the hamburger menu route until any amendments are made to the process via a transaction.


Thanks for digging into this!

Yes, good job, @Curve_Ivo :+1: