Requesting a business Card

How do I request a business card?

Surfing through many Curve files I discovered that there are two types of cards: Personal and Business. How do I explicitly request a business card? Is setting the employment type to “Director” all I have to do?

Thanks in advance!

Is there any reason specifically why you want one?

Companies like BA charge markups for business card purchases which isn’t ideal when you can avoid it for personal cards

But I believe you can contact for assistance with this

Most merchants do NOT charge a mark up for commercial cards.
If you want one, just contact Curve support. And also keep in mind you’re supporting Curve by chosing a commercial card since they receive a higher interbank fee :slight_smile:

Don’t say “most won’t” say “you may be charged although most merchants won’t”

It’s a lot nicer to give someone an obvious heads up that they may be paying card fees still, a year after they’ve been outlawed for the rest of the country!

You are indeed correct though, most do not. Some do though! Like British Airways and a few takeouts that I know.

1% of £20 every time you spend over a year isn’t cheap. Neither is 1% as BA or some other airlines charge you for usage of these. It’s actually quite a premium to pay on flights of £700+

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Yes, same as Ryanair, they also charge for commercial cards.
But funny workaround for those merchants is to just pay via paypal (not extra charge) and then select your commerical (curve) card in paypal and voila, no extra fee :slight_smile:

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