Requesting a new card

I mislaid my card, and have tried to request a new one, first via the app and then by email. Each time I have had an identical email, telling me to lock the card (it’s the first thing I did) but not actually telling me what to do next, just telling me someone will be in touch, if necessary. I am loathe to ring the “emergency number” as it’s not an emergency - does anyone else have any experience of this?

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Hello @riceuten,

We don’t automatically send you a new card when you lock yours in case it does reappear:smile: You’re right, the information on what to do next could be made clearer, I’ve forwarded this feedback to our product team. In the future, it will be possible for you to request a new card in-app :smile:

You can request a new card by writing support in-app or via

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@Curve_Marie Unfortunately the in app support is still broken so you can ONLY request a new card by e-mailing

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It’s not broken for everyone, however, it the issue affects you, please do send us an email. You can also use DMs via social media.

I requested a new card via the In-App process, by email, and via the community. I could understand the delay if this was solely requested via the in-app request. I’m disappointed that most of the discussion has been deemed “off topic”

There should be a faster way to order a new card

For any queries about your Curve card, account, and transaction please do use the dedicated channels. Customer queries like these are not handled on the community. You can use in-app, email, or direct messages on social media.

There will be in the future :slight_smile:

“For any queries about your Curve card, account, and transaction please do use the dedicated channels”

I did - I am one of the customers for whom the in-app messaging service is non-functional. I also used the “wrong” email as well (support @ curve .app), which is not monitored or responded to, and I believe relates to queries about the app, not the account. My concern was raising the profile of the company not dealing with queries.

Exactly this point was raised by another user in January 2019

The autoreply just asks you to lock the card and says that they will contact you “if appropriate”. Had I not raised on social media (for which I was criticised!), I would still be waiting for a response. The phone number locks the card - that’s it. You can only order a card via the contacts above…which is what I did and was ignored.

You can be put through when calling the phone number, especially if you’re concerned about the wait time you’ve experienced for the response.

I don’t think anyone here wants to feel like they are being ignored (maybe ignored isn’t quite right here, more likely hasn’t been reached yet) and grabbing attention on social media is a way to do that. I’ve certainly done it before.

Just ring the the emergancy number and they will. Assist you.

They will freeze the card. Which you can do from the app. They will not order you a new card. You have to do that by (non-working) messaging within the app, or one of the two email addresses (one of which doesn’t work).

Not everyone is experiencing issues with contact support in the app at the moment, I know its rough if you’re one of them. Details need to be confirmed before just reissuing a card from my understanding of the process which is why it isn’t done instantly.

As for the email address, which emails are you referring to? The support email is which is the best way to get in touch about ordering a replacement.