Reset "Strong Customer Authentication" (SCA) limit in App?

The new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) rules requiring chip & pin every 5th (or less) transaction is annoying. I had my first one last week which resulted in a duplicate charge which took a week to get refunded, only a small amount but something else you need to keep an eye on. Anyway, I was looking how other providers deal with this and found one that resets the SCA limits when you log into their app. Quote "SCA will be required prior to the moment your total spend of contactless transactions exceeds the equivalent of €150 (e.g. 5 transactions of €30 each) since the last SCA event (i.e. the last time you logged into your App). "

It would be great if Curve could do something like this, they could even send a notification when you are approaching the limit so you can reset it in the app. From what I gather the SCA rule needs a second form of identification, chip and pin is one way using the “knowledge” option but it can be done with the “possession” option, i.e. a pre registered phone.

Just a thought to make using Curve easier to use.

SCA rules also allow for contactless+PIN. It doesn’t need to be chip+PIN. It’s painless enough, if above the limit you’ll just be asked for the PIN after you touch the card

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True the rules do allow contactless+pin but this isn’t currently widely adopted and is this requires the pin terminals to be updated which is out of Curve’s control. At the moment most terminals will try to authorise a contactless transaction, fail and ask for you to insert your card, by which time you will have probably already put it back in your wallet. If the normal app use to check transactions can reset the SCA limits then most people would never have to be bothered by it.

Hmm, can you tell more how it can result to duplicate charge? :thinking:

Here in Portugal terminals go to contactless+PIN whenever PIN is required. That’s how it has always worked. I don’t know if the app can be aware that the limit has been reset with contactless+PIN and if not, it would be an added hassle to deal with

After 6 days I contacted Curve and they refunded it. They told me that it was the authorisation request from the contactless attempt and that it should remove itself within 7 days. They refunded it straight away. This was a transaction at Tesco. I scanned the contactless card, after a few seconds the screen said I needed to insert the card for this transaction.
After a couple of days it had already been passed to the underlying card as a completed (not pending) transaction.

In Latvia, sadly its not contactless+PIN whenever PIN is required (only works on some merchants/pos machines). I tested this with purchase above 25euro (which is contactless limit in LV). And POS showed message “Insert card” and not “input PIN”. Quite lame :frowning_face:

I’m not sure what you mean, what extra “hassle”. If you haven’t used the app recently then things would carry on as they do now and you would need to enter your pin after 5 transactions (if you haven’t done a chip and pin transaction recently). If you use the app to check your transactions, as I expect most people do, then the SCA limit would reset and you won’t have to enter your pin at checkout. Surely that’s easier for everybody.

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Btw, does Curve have this SCA limit implemented already? I think not.
Or you hit this limit when using curve with your underlaying card (underlaying card triggers it) ?

I don’t think so. The underlying card see it as an “online” transaction so the contactless limits don’t apply to that side of the transaction.

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