Resettare carta con pin inserito 3 volte errato?

Salve, ho avuto un problema con la mia carta curve. Ho inserito per errore 3 volte il PIN sbagliato in fase di pagamento, mi accorgo che la carta non funziona più correttamente. Contatto l’assistenza e mi dicono che è stata bloccata a causa del PIN inserito 3 volte in maniera errata.

Nella procedura per lo sblocco mi dicono di andare all’ATM e nella sezione servizi pin, trovo la sezione per lo sblocco, ma quando inserisco il pin mi dice che non è corretto.

Traducendo la procedura dice di utilizzare il pin situato all’interno della mia app in basso a sinistra, solo che non c’è nulla. Io ho utilizzato il pin della mia carta nella sezione account, accanto a card details e show pin. Cosa sbaglio?

Hey Sam, thanks for joining the Community and I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced these issues with checking your card PIN in the Curve app. I’ve attached a screenshot below showing where this option can be found. Can you please let me know if you have this option visible in your app?

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I have only this… :frowning:

P.s i’m from android

Sorry for my assumption, @Sam93! Tapping the highlighted option from your screenshot should still show your card PIN. Is this option not working for you?

Yes, this option work…

Sorry Sam, I think I misunderstood your original message at first. Since you’re struggling to use the PIN from this part of the app with the ATM to unlock your bank card, I’d recommend contacting our support team through the in-app chat to get further help with this. They can access your account information to troubleshoot any issues with you fully there. :raised_hands:

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Thank you, I have already done it, but they continue to reply with automatic messages… there is no way out, I have been blocked for 10 days and no one helps me, neither through the app, nor by email.

Sorry to hear that you’re feeling frustrated with the customer experience team due to this, Sam. It can sometimes take some back and forth to rule out certain issues with the support team.
I hope this issue is resolved for you soon. You can also send a DM to our social team on Twitter at @AskCurve or through our Facebook account. They’ll then be able to double-check the progress of your issue with our support team for you! :raised_hands:

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I’ve done this… In 3 days no one reply me… Worst supporti haver seen in my life, about 10/15 days without can use my curve card

Hi again Sam, sorry you’re still experiencing this issue. There are two types of PIN block due to entering the wrong PIN too many times which you can experience on your Curve card. These two types of blocks have two possible solutions:

  1. Visit a bank ATM and insert your Curve card. Then go to “PIN Services” and “Unblock PIN”. If this option is unavailable then you can also make a withdrawal or request a balance enquiry check to reset your PIN.

  2. The other type of block on your Curve card can only be resolved with the help of our support team. Since you mentioned you’ve been discussing this issue with the support team already, it’s likely that they’ve already sent a PIN unblock to your card. If this is the case then you can now visit an ATM and use the PIN services to select ‘Unlock PIN’.

Ti ringrazio della risposta, sono andato all’ATM e fatto la vostra procedura, il problema è che l’atm dice che il mio pin è sbagliato. Come può essere sbagliato? Sarà un bug dell’app?

Hey Sam, you can double-check that you’re using the correct PIN by going to the account section of your Curve app and selecting ‘View Card PIN’.
This is the PIN that you need to use with your Curve card. If you’re still experiencing the same issues once you know this PIN then it might be an account error as you’ve mentioned. In this case, please raise a ticket with the support team through the Curve app to explain this so that they can troubleshoot this fully with you there.

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Sono stato per la seconda volta all’ATM e questa volta non mi ha dato errore quando ho inserito il pin… Credo di aver risolto


That’s great to hear @Sam93!

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