[Resolved 13:03] Problem with payment

Payment declined

:rotating_light: We’re aware that some customers are currently experiencing payment declines. We’re looking into this now and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.


This is a true PITA. Last week I had the issue that transactions went through and showed as declined, preventing me from using GBIT. Just now did an instore purchase at Ikea and transaction was declined via Apple Pay. Then was prompted to insert card and pay with chip & PIN. Second transaction was then also declined and I had to manually use underlying card.

Needless to say, I was now charged three (!) times on the underlying: Twice via Curve (Apple Pay and then chip & PIN and then with the underlying card.

Will Curve sort this out or do I now need to send another support request?

Made an Amazon purchase this morning, card declined. Used another card but it seems both cards have been charged. Hopefully Curve get this all rectified quickly.

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Hello there,

The refunds have been processed and should be reflected in your bank account within 1 - 7 working days.

Note: I am not a Curve employee, I just report what I was told by Curve Team.

Same thing just happened to me in Tesco. How embarrassing!!!

I Hope I get a refund too and thank the lord I had my wallet on me so that I could pay for our Christmas shopping!

I suppose customers will lose out on their cashback since they paid with a non-Curve card - or?

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The cashback is related to the use of the Curve Card

This is frustrating - I tried my card with 4 different transactions, with the last one being a Curve Cash transaction.

Is the issue fixed now? I literally tried my card moments ago. Will they let us know when it’s safe to do?

I will update you as soon as I have news.

Yup same here card declined three times on a transaction and then three times at the ATM for withdrawal. Underlying account has acknowledged all 6 attempts! Perfect timing to do the ball curve! Please update us ASAP!

Can you fixed for now!!!
It’s pending £5240!

Hello same here although my transaction was very small in comparison three times declined for a total of £5.20

I had the same declined issue with using Apple Pay linked to a Curve Card which then used a Visa Debit card issued by eToro Money. Interestingly, Apple Pay does not support the eToro Visa card when you try to set it up but can be set up via Curve. I wonder is the incompatibility related to Apple Pay and the eToro card rather than curve as an intermediary.

Note the Anti Embarrassment Mode didn’t seem to work, though I thought I has set it up.

Just had an argument with a cashier due to payment being declined although money has come out of my account. Ending up paying 3 times! I had to resort to paying cash

This is a mess, hope I get and refund and this is resolved ASAP

Yes, precisely the same. POS terminal showed transaction as declined, although it looks processed in Curve and underlying account. I have ended up paying by another card (not linked to Curve).

My point being: If Curve was working as it is supposed to be, then my first transaction would have gotten through via the Curve Card. To make matters worse - my bank has now “fraud-flagged” my underlying card because of the multiple transactions.

I guess such a mess during the busiest shopping season is not great. Will result in lots of unhappy customers (and some sad christmases if card-limits have been reached due to multiple charges).

Can you put incident notifications into the app.

I tried paying with my Curve card at 3 different stores today and all were declined. It’s only when I get home and pop on the community that I realise it’s probably related to this incident rather than an account-specific issue.

I heavily depend on digital payments. I always use Curve card, rather than cash. Funnily enough, I cannot even buy lunch now!! This is what happens when I would only depend on 1 source of payment. If it goes, everything goes!! Learn from me, and don’t do this mistake. :rage: :rage:

This issue should now be resolved. I will ask the team about refunds and a statement etc