[RESOLVED] Booked flights using Curve... and now I'm £1200+ down

On the 7th of July, I booked four flights using my Curve card. They were booked via Expedia, for British Airways, and the total cost was £1640.20.

I’ll be honest, I can’t remember if I looked that closely at the Curve notification that popped up on my phone, but generally I do. I don’t remember this specific one, though.

Anyway, I was looking at my underlying bank account today, and it’s all a bit weird. Four transactions show on the account:

7th July - Expedia - £10.00

8th July - British Airways - £415.80

8th July - British A Australa - £1214.40

8th July - British Airways - £1247.40

Adding the first three together gives me the £1640.20 that I was expecting. I have no idea what the fourth transaction is, though. Interestingly (maybe) £1247.40 is 3x£415.80, the first BA transaction on the list.

In the Curve app, the total currently shows as a single transaction for £2877.60. It has been 10 working days since the charge was taken from the account.

I’ve checked with Expedia, and they say they can only see a charge of £1640.20. I emailed Curve earlier today, but so far no response.

To confuse matters, I tried booking the flights the same day with another provider, but the transaction was declined. I don’t think it was for £1247.40, though, and would have been closer to the £1600-ish mark.

Anyone have any insight they can offer?! Thanks!

Curve support will have to tell you. My guess is that one of the payments is a preauthorisation which will eventually be released.

I understand Curve can’t tell the difference between a preauthorisation and a ‘proper’ payment.

My query would be why is only showing as one transaction in the Curve app rather than 4 different ones.

Have you booked flights for 1 person or several ones? Airlines always put an AUTH of the total amount on the card and then later send an offline transaction for each individual ticket WITHOUT removing the original AUTH. Banks can’t do much there, it’s the darn airlines. So when you book 4 tickets of 2500$ each=10k$, then the airline puts a 10k$ AUTH and then sends 4*2500$ a few days later, so your cards are charged with a total of 20k$.
After 7days =on the 8th Curve automatically removes the unclaimed AUTH, other Banks take up to 30days!


Actually banks have the ability to clear authorizations. Granted this exposes them to risk, but they can do it.

Starling for example required me to send them a screenshot of the company saying they had no plans to claim the authorization

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

The booking was for four tickets. Previously, when I’ve booked flights online (not with Curve) it has appeared on the card as a single transaction, not as each individual ticket. This might be a UK vs US thing, I’m not sure.

My concern is that this isn’t even a duplicate charge, it’s a different (though similar) amount to anything else I’ve been charged. If it was just that I’d been charged the same amount twice, I’d think it was maybe the AUTH thing, but it’s a different amount.

Also, it has been ten working days now since the transaction. If it was going to be released, I’d expect it to have happened by now.

I would recommend contacting the merchant and seeing what’s going on - if they tell you it’s a mix-up they can refund it.

Otherwise I would request Curve to help you out on their ‘Curve Customer Protection’ although I’ve heard different things about its effectiveness.

In the end if neither works - your best bet is a chargeback where MasterCard will arbitrate between you and the merchant.

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Thanks. I’ve spoken to Expedia on the phone, but didn’t really get anywhere. They gave me their email contact details, so I’ve sent all the information through to them, and will chase up on Monday. The charges are all from British Airways, though, so I don’t know how that will work.

I would have thought this will be something Curve Support will be able to sort out without too much trouble - glad to see you emailed them about this and I’m sure they’ll get back to you soon. I can’t see you needing to invoke any sort of chargeback, etc. - the way the fourth is a 3x multiple of the 2nd certainly makes it likely it’s around a pre-auth issue.

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Support will definitely be able to help you out here :slight_smile: They’ll find out what has happened and will take it from there.


Hopefully you’re right! Thanks for replying and helping put my mind at ease. :slight_smile:

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Just heard back from Curve support. There was an error with the payment, and it’s going to be refunded in the next 3-5 days. Thanks for keeping me calm, everyone! Really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Excellent, glad they got it all sorted for you!

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