Response Time

I have had several reasons to contact support most of them for terrible timescales of non action on refunds from the retailer back to my card .

Customer support response is virtually non existent now .

I have found that i have stopped using the card for anything that might need a refund or any high value purchase my spend this month will go from 3000 GBP on curve to less than 700 GBP per month and if this continued ignoring of help continues it will be zero .

Today I removed four cards from curve .

Simply I don’t trust them now …something is going wrong be warned .

The last refund is showing but not credited for 8 days and now four messages have been sent and not a single reply .


Sorry you have problems
You have to wait for the support to response
More emails only delay the proces

Its working fine for me

We all have issues with response right now but nothing in 8 days in the way of support is not right .

In particular when it’s clear the merchant actioned the refund without delay it shows in the curve statement but 8 days later it’s not credited .

Nope it’s a clear case of a problem being ignored and much as I love the card for its function my Barclaycard has had over 1000 GBP directly used on it this month .

Curve didn’t get that spend . I use curve metal and my faith is sinking fast . Ten more days and the card will become an ice scraper .

Hello AWUK,

Welcome to the Curve Community.
Here in the community there is only very limited help with problems and questions.

I’m using my Curve Card every day for all my spendings and never had any issues with refunds/chargebacks. The Curve Support replies to my tickets normally within 3 working days.

Just be patience or contact @AskCurve via Twitter.


It’s clear for reasons unknown they are not working right at this point of time .

I too have no problems using it but refunds don’t work within their own time limits . 3 to 5 days is not 8 days no matter how you dress it up . When we are busy with other stuff keeping an eye on refunds is not going to be conducive to successful management .

They are not responding to answer requests and with all respect I could care less about social media I care about the failure of service and an inability to get answers or action from curve .


CS is working on tickets, it’s more like the system tagging your tickets / account when you create multiple tickets with the same problem. (It’s a feature built into Zendesk). Curve is still looking through all of these tickets, but this delays the response time on new tickets.


Please explain why after 8 days I have to keep doing more things to get a credit that was actioned 9 days earlier .

My time is money and it’s a failure of curve .

I appreciate your efforts to help but I shall use my card as an ice scrapper and that’s the point .

Curve has failed and continues to do so

There is no need to spam support. Please, don’t recommend this.

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Hey guys, I just want to jump in here to give some clarity.

Firstly, @AWUK welcome to the Community! We’re glad to have you here and glad that you’re sharing your feedback on opinions with everybody - it’s appreciated as it helps Curve make improvements :raised_hands:

I can assure you that our support team are never deliberately ignoring you. They’re seeing a huge increase in messages at the moment and are doing their best to work their way through them all. Different messages are prioritised such as fraud and emergency situations (along with others). Then, the team mostly work on the oldest messages first as they want to get back to the people that have been waiting the longest.

When you submit multiple messages, you get added to the ‘queue’ again and it mostly just delays your response even further. So as @Mattia has already advised, please do not spam the team. This won’t speed up the process for anybody.

I completely understand how frustrating it is, I’d feel the exact same if I was waiting for a response too. But there are other options in urgent situations to get through to our team. You can call them using the number on the back of your Curve card. If somebody is free they’ll take your call, if not they’ll follow up with you.

You can also send them a DM through @AskCurve on Twitter or send a message on Facebook. This will go to our social team who can’t talk about your account there but they can check that your message has been received and also answer general questions that aren’t related to your account.

Also, our Customer Support Managers are making changes all the time to try and improve the response times - feedback like yours helps to prioritise this even more.

I know this doesn’t help the situation right now as it’s still an issue. I hope this provides some clarity on how everything works on what we’re doing to improve.


I have had several replies for reasons why I have no answer .

I have not had one reply why my refund is still not processed 9 days after showing as a credit on my curve Card .

The blame game is getting ridiculous but the solution to a problem is still evading all it seems .

Where is my credit refund after 9 days ?

Just to share my experience - I’ve had low priority (from my point of view as it was just a question about upgrading to Metal plan) query with customer support recently and it took them 7 days to reply (without any urgencies from my side). :sleeping: Their response was at least adequate and helpful. :partying_face:

@AWUK Hi, I can’t check your account or discuss it on the forum but I’ve checked with our team and can see that they’ve gave you more info on this already. They’ll be able to help you further over email and answer any other questions you have.

The refund is not done .

What is the problem with this in everyone’s mind

It’s not my job to keep chasing it …get the job done don’t keep blaming others for why no one does it

I will report it as required because its clearly being blamed on everyone else . But it’s not done

Adam W

It would be good to at least receive an acknowledgement that the ticket has been logged. Couldn’t log an issue via the app (just errors), but was able to submit via the website. No feedback that anything has been received doesn’t inspire confidence, especially when duplicate payments have been taken from your bank and there’s no reply from CS :frowning:

It’s become clear the blame culture is very alive within curve .

Countless messages but still nothing done 12 days and no credit applied from a retailers refund . Shows in curve as refunded but it’s not in my hands 3 - 5 days . Just not true

Call your bank deal with your bank … who say it’s not our problem we just receive money we don’t send it .

Curve …a great idea with a flawed back up …when things go wrong so does your money and no one wants to deal with it .

Sad very very sad

I’ve had the same issue, I went to a fuel station and used the fuel station app to pay so I didn’t have to go in (to be safe) they took a payment or pre-auth of £50 and I filled up to £39.50 the pump stops automatically.

When I got home I had a quick look and realised I hadn’t changed from my credit card to debit card so did a simple “go back in time” transaction to my debit card.

The £39.50 was paid and that was the end of it. Two days later give or take from memory another £39.50 was taken I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, I thought great the wonderful “go back in time” feature has gone wrong (again) and I’ve been charged twice. Sent a message using the app, giving a full breakdown of the issue and provided screenshots of my receipt from the garage and my bank statement, so they had it all and didn’t hear nothing, I had to follow it up with them (twice) if my memory serves me right.
Got back a response saying they will get back to me, didn’t hear nothing so chased again, I got a reply asking me about amounts (£) dates etc I couldn’t believe it, I was getting so frustrated as I had been proactive and sent that all in including pictures (yet get asked for them anyway) seriously lacking on the customer support.
I sent back a direct response and someone from another department days later gets back to me and asks have I been in touch with the retailer, he can see the two transactions (:raised_hands:t2:) but said he would need me to contact the garage to ask them why they processed the transaction twice :exploding_head: I couldn’t believe it.
How do you even begin to contact a garage (BP station) customer service and ask "oh sorry to disturb you but it looks as though I’ve paid you twice for one transaction) it was at this point demented.
The guy basically said I would need all this information and proof that I’ve tried my best to resolve the issue with the garage (most of the staff can’t speak English, let alone a complicated problem) so I ended up replying I can’t be bothered to contact the garage, I’m quite happy for Curve to keep the £39.50 it’s to much stress to worry about.
What I have learnt is don’t use curve for payments on apps, in this case BPme, so I’ll avoid Klarna, Clearpay, and Laybuy.
In fact I’ve actually stopped using it for anything online in case (god forbid) I need to return an item and wait for a refund :crazy_face: can you imagine :exploding_head::exploding_head:
One day they will get it right :nerd_face: but with all the new things they are trying to do I think there missing the core issues which need dealing with first.
Customer service has gone :arrow_down: the :toilet: literally. If I was running that department I’d have a complete overhaul to put things right.
It’s the old saying, don’t run before you can walk.


Thanks for a comprehensive reply of how they took 39 pounds from you . In my case the retailer has refunded the cost 130 GBP and they have added to a transaction on my account now 14 days ago and my Barclaycard has never been credited . Curve continue to shirk responsibility . They continue to act ilegally and continue to keep my money …this is theft pure and simple . They think I am stupid … whoops bad move curve .

I have issued a 7 day pre protocol letter and will just issue a county court summons and included loss of earnings for time already spent trying to deal with it …130 will become at least 350 GBP .

I don’t need 130 GBP but they will not get away with stealing it I will wait for my day .

AXA insurance tried to take 300 GBP from me and ended up paying over 10000 GBP for trying . I won’t use the financhial obudsman for anything, that’s like using a guppy to attack your piranha and it’s financed by the banks !!! and I won’t wait for gross inefficiency of curve and it’s customer service .

I will sue them with all copies of Comms being sent to the FCA …they have broken MasterCard rules and FCA rules let alone UK legislation passed by the house of lords as acts of law .

Curve is s great idea but my guess is it won’t be around for much longer so I intend to get my money back before too many others try when it’s all gone wrong .

I suspect they will loose the FCA licence to handle money if they continue to act in such a non compliant manner with transactions .


I sometimes cynically wonder if this is done on purpose so they can say they have responded to you within a given SLA.

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That tactic is often used, and not just Curve. See it with support queues all the time on various companies. It’s either used to add time, or hope the issue resolves itself (or the customer gives up).

Yep, I’m one of those customers who has given up. They had everything they needed in the very first message.
I got to a point of not caring when they asked me the same question three times.
The real nail in the coffin (after I felt we were getting somewhere) was a chap who was from the “relevant department” asked for all the information again, it’s not worth the stress caused for £39.50 instead I learned a good lesson not to use the card.
I’m not sure where everyone here is located but in the U.K. now banks have caught up so to speak, Barclays and NatWest show transactions (notifications) immediately (primarily one of the main features for me) when making a card payment or receiving a payment. I think personally for me I’ll stick to the good old days of taking my wallet and cards in hand.