Response times from Customer Service Team

Hi - I seem to be echoing a familiar topic here, but it seems to be a regular complaint amongst users regarding the substantial delays in getting a response from Curve’s Customer Service Team. Replies are always professional and cordial when they do come through, but 3 days to get a response is just not on. If I’m paying £14.99 a month for a premium service, then it goes without saying that should include prompt customer support replies. The repeated “backlog of queries” is getting a little old at this point.


Agreed, Metal and Black cardholders should receive fast, guaranteed response times.


All us Blues assumed you were and that was some part of the issue.

If they’re still backlogged from #wirecardgate might be time to admit they made the wrong call…

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I disagree. By all means charge a fee for value-added features (whatever they may be), but not for CS, which is a basic requirement of a service.


I think there’s a middle ground here.

Clearly helping a metal user who’s forgotten his password for the 3rd time this week shouldn’t take precedence over a blue user who’s just been mugged and needs to cancel their card (saying this as a blue user).

Free users should get good support response times.
Paid users should get excellent support response times.
But concentrate on getting it to acceptable for everyone first.


Disagree with the level of paid membership. All levels should receive the same. You don’t expect a different level from your bank for a basic account compared to those who pay for theirs. You are paying for the benefits that come with the card, not for the level of service. Like with any company, you expect the same all round. I for one believe the level of service from Curve so far, through Wirecard and a world pandemic has been amazing and I appreciate their efforts!


My legacy bank and my credit card have different phone numbers for different levels of account holder. I promise you the platinum number gets picked up first.

And my Lloyd’s Platinum Account does compared to my Basic Current Account, but never have I experienced 2 different levels when I’ve contacted Lloyd’s about something on each card, but then they should be the same as it’s all under Lloyd’s. I agree if you are paying for some Gold Exclusive Members Only Card, but not with Curve.


Any response from them would be welcome right now. Alerted them to problems last Thursday. They asked for screenshots on Friday and haven’t had a single response since. Pretty appalling level of service.

I have been waiting for over a month for an answer to why I can’t add my Barclaycard despite supplying the info requested. This is not good enough and customer services need to sort themselves out or risk losing good clients.

I agree with you. The answers I’ve had back are standard responses missing that personal touch. I’m a Barclays customer and can get through right away and have great service. I know curve are not a bank, but for £15 a month you would get extremely good CS from a premium bank. If standard customers are getting the same service, then apart from all the insurance what is the point. You may as well use Monzo or Starling for transactions abroad and get £10 insurance. The value for me is slowly dwindling. Especially in current circumstances its not really a priority either.

I’d like to think I’d need CS support on only very rare occasions. So why would I contemplate paying a premium for it?

I do wonder what it is that causes folk to so frequently engage with Customer Services…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I love Curve. But customer service is really bad. I missing 650€ and waiting for response 4th day and how I can see it can be much longer than that.

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I’m in the same boat - I’ve been a longtime user, absolutely love the app and what they’re doing and would be the strongest ambassador for them if it wasn’t for the fact that the customer service levels and communication are just so appallingly poor.

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@Curve_Marie What does it take for someone in Curve to respond to the problems I’m experiencing??? I’ve taken to email, replied with screenshots, taken to social media, the forum here and I’m getting nowhere. I’m really gobsmacked at the lack of follow-up and support.

Completely agree, was promised a transfer from curve cash £ to my euro card( where the refund should have gone) last Thursday, sent all the docs requested, since nothing . Tried via the app, email absolutely no response, money still sitting in curve cash. Appalling customer service. When I finally get my money back and in the correct currency I’m finished with curve, TransferWise, Revolut …etc can have my business.

Just to echo everyone else’s sentiments, the customer service is absolute garbage and it feels like it’s getting worse. Often long delays, if they respond at all. I have an outstanding issue. Won’t bore you with the details, but it’s taken over a month and 22 emails, still no joy. Curve will never be taken seriously by the mainstream until there is a phone number you can call.

There is a phone number printed on my card
Here is the number if it missing from your card +442033222585

A phone call will be my next move, but I’m just appalled at the abysmal customer service. I really hope Samsung is aware of what their customers can expect if Curve is going to be handling queries for them with the Samsung Pay deal they’ve worked out.

It is thoughtful of you to share the number on the back of the card, thank you, however that phone number is not what I am referring to. Apologies if I wasn’t clear.

That number is for lost and stolen cards only. I meant Curve won’t be taken seriously until there is a phone number you can call to resolve other problems (e.g. if your card is constantly being continually declined, as mine is). Having to wait days, or weeks, for an often poor quality email response, where the agent repeats the same information, simply isn’t good enough.

As an aside, is it wrong to find venting one’s frustrations with Curve on this forum cathartic?

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