Retrieve PIN option gone

Hi all,

Am I lost or is the option to see your card’s PIN code gone from the app? I regularly forget the PIN and usually simply check it prior to payment from the Account View. Now I can only access full card number CVV and expiration date. Where is it? I believe the app has updated itself like a week or two ago.


Which OS are you on? What’s your app version?

I still have it (Android, 2.51.1).

Same here, Android, app version 2.51.1

The PIN option is not the only option that is different in your account view compared to mine. Both views are pretty different.

Yep, I have just Curve Blue, do you have Black or Metal subscription? Maybe that’s the difference. Anyway, if the OS is the same and app version also, there shouldn’t be any differences in visibility of those basic options.

I am on Black Legacy.

I’ve texted support anyway, let’s see what they’re gonna say on this.

IOS 14.4 & Curve 3.6.3 (9509)

the option is still there:

Same here, option not visible :frowning:

Curve Blue, IOS 14.4, app version 3.6.3 (9543)

Did you fail to pay online or pay by card?

If you can’t see the PIN option, the account is actually restricted.

Yes, today payment by card failed.
How can I know if my account is restricted?

It’s kind of funny. I failed to withdraw money from ATM when I was abroad like more than 2 weeks ago. I contacted support as it seemed I tried to withdraw more than my limits are. They did not tell me the card is blocked or anything, just that the limits are adjusted accordingly to my spendings and there’s nothing they can do at this point.

Now when I think about it, card being blocked seems like the most obvious reason for those issues. I’m still waiting for support’s response within the app, so I’ll let you know what they say :slight_smile:

Strange things are happening, I somehow made the PIN option appear in my app :wink:

One hour ago I locked/unlocked my card a couple of times finally leaving it in “locked” state.
Then 5 mins ago I decided to get in touch with the support using the app’s “Report a problem” function. Immediately after I sent the problem report I unlocked the card again and suddenly the “View card PIN” option was there.

…and this morning it was gone again.
Played around with the app settings and found out that the PIN option only is visible when you lock the card (sometimes it took 10-15 minutes for the option to appear).
If you unlock your card the option disappears.

On my phone this behavior is reproducible at will.

Hey all! Thanks for flagging this behaviour. It looks slightly odd so I’ve passed this on to our Product Team and I’ll update you if they have any further info about this.

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