Retrieve PIN option gone

If you’re on Twitter, try reaching out to @AskCurve via DM. Sometimes it speeds things up. Don’t hold your breath though, customer support is notoriously slow.

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Hi @Stabilisateur500mg,

Could you please tell me the version and platform that you are on and I can try and investigate this?

Hi EmilyChi,

Thanks for your reply.

In fact it’s my wife CURVE account wich have an outage.
It’s now frozen since 1 month…

It is a pity there is no resolution of my problem… despite my 10 mails to the official curve support

Could you help me to solve that please?
Towards which mail can I forward you the problem please?


Just a question please? :

Can I send you personal informations on that mail ?
For explaining you the very simple situation.

Once you figure out what the pin is, you can change it to something you’ll remember by visiting supported ATMs :slightly_smiling_face: or add it to google/Apple Pay and never need to use a pin again.


May I ask what you mean that your wife’s account is frozen?
Can she access the Curve app at all?

If you can tell me these details I can try to see if I am able to help you :slightly_smiling_face:
If you want to continue this conversation privately, you can message me privately through my profile.


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Ok thanks for your reply.
I drop you an MP.