Returning user


I joined late 2017 however stopped using the card because from what I recall it didn’t work with Apple Pay, or something along those lines (it may still not, I’m not sure).

I was just wondering (a) how I find out what card I have? I believe I had the black beta card but I can’t find it, and have no idea how to check.

Also I was wondering if there was an easy way to find out what’s changed since? As a beta user I believe I was entitled to rewards using the card, I was wondering if that is trill a thing. Are there still any perks for being a beta tester and having the black card?


The best thing would be to email customer services, as if your not sure what card you have then that will possibly effect the advice you are given from me and others on here.

Their email is

If you have the Curve app you can check by going to the card section of the app (located on the bottom left corner) and the picture you see will be your card type.


This has been resolved.